Gothic Tattoos and Designs

If you are contemplating on going on a tattoo spree, consider opting for the Gothic themes ones. Take a look at what makes these unique collections coveted by tattoo connoisseurs.

Things to know about tattoo touchups and revamp

Tattoos are prone to get maimed or faded gradually due to exposure to sunlight and other factors. So, if you wish to retain the magic or go for a revamping, here are some factors to take note of.

Beautiful tattoo designs worth flaunting

A tattoo is a way of expressing the love for things you believe in, your life, your philosophy and your personal style. When you have such a tattoo, it only makes sense that you would want to flaunt it.

Maori tattoo designs

Maori art style is a traditional body art style. It is one of the most old and unique tribal tattoo styles. The Maori tattoo designs originated in New Zealand, thanks to Maori people who are the indigenous Polynesians of New …

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