Body Art Accessories Guide

10 Really cool nail art designs

If you are bored of the monotony of the typecast nail enamels and wish plunge into the bandwagon of eye alluring nail arts, options are many. Your manicured fingers and well clipped nails will get the most coveted makeover by virtue of these nail arts.

How do I clip on my belly ring?

I bought this belly ring from JoBananas. But I am not being able to wear it. Will you please help me out and tell me how do I wear it? Please keep it simple so that I can follow your instructions properly. How do I clip on my belly ring or any other belly

Are the cat eye contacts also available in whites?

I want to gift a pair of cat eye contacts to my cousins this christmas. Will you be able to tell me where all will I get the best deals and discounts in new york city on the cat eye contacts? Are the cat eye contacts also available in whites?

How cool is lip piercing ?

Pals I just want to know that is lip piercing in trend these days or too common to go for? Should I go for a ring or a bar on my lips. Which one is better. Also how much will it cost me in stores of Paris ?

Suggest me some good designs of belly button rings?

I am looking forward to get my belly button pierced as one of my friends recently got it done and it really tamed me to get it for myself too. So guys help me locate some trendy designs for my ring as I am totally unaware of it? Thanks.

Do you think taper piercings are in fashion still?

I would love to get a taper piercing for my ears. I want one with a diamond attached to it. Do you think it would hurt me or I would get poked by it? My mom does not want me to buy it. I might forget to take it off at night before sleeping. What is the sm

Barbell body piercings!

Where could I get barbell piercing jewelry for my piercings? I saw some really great pictures online and I wanted a number of the studs. There were such unique ones and I need your help by telling me which places are the best to buy them online. I reside

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