5 Major Reasons Why So Many People Decide to Get Inked

So Many People Decide to Get Inked

Most people wonder why some people get tattooed. Especially the full inked tattoos that cover up the whole or half part of the body.People have various inclinations with body art, just as they are with hobbies. Some employers think that tattoos are dirty, especially with office jobs. In the real estate sector, for example, impression for agents is a crucial factor. Stigmatization of people with tattoos is not right and that is what agencies such as movoto look to achieve, by giving everyone equal opportunities, regardless if one embraces body art or not.

Understanding tattoos is one way of appreciating them and people who have them. Tattoos’ inception dates back to native cultures. They were symbols of the culture and the statuses of different people in society. For example, slaves were tattoed and pierced to identify them in the community. They gradually became part of the western culture, and today, we have seen them become a defining aspect of the millennial generation.

The motivation behind getting a tattoo differs from an individual to another.

1. Tattoos are symbolic

Tattoos are symbolicTo symbolize something is one of the common reasons most people get tattoos. It has a specific meaning pertinent to the wearer.

Most people get tattoos that have meanings. For instance, someone might have a symbol of little footprints to symbolize the joy of becoming a parent. A tattoo can express love. We have seen recent cases where people get matching tattoos with their loved ones or engrave each other’s names on their bodies.

Tattoo meanings are personal and differ from one individual to another.

2. Tattoos can be cosmetic

There is a growing trend in Europe whereby people, especially the female gender, is adopting tattoos as a cosmetic solution.

There are lip tattoos to change the color of the lips to maybe pink, eyebrow tattoos to keep the eyebrow in a particular shape and color that looks natural. Cosmetic tattoos use different colors that resemble makeup.

Another trend to note with cosmetic tattoos is that people have adopted it to cover up scars and marks. For instance, when involved in an accident, you may end up with a stitches scar. Some people prefer to cover up such scars with tattoos to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Cosmetic tattoos are also becoming familiar with cancer patients who choose to use symbols to cover up after surgery scars and regain the full control of their bodies after reconstruction.

Cosmetic tattooing is permanent makeup and used to build self-confidence by the wearers.

3. To celebrate a fandom

Girl with body artFor example, someone can get a tattoo of their favorite cartoon feature or a movie. If someone is obsessed with a particular film, football, celebrity, cartoon, book, artist, song, actor, etc., they may get a tattoo to commemorate it. People getting tattoos of their favorite star is common nowadays.

It is just like t-shirt branding, but with tattoos, they are permanent. The emblem is recognizable by other people in the fandom, and it sparks reactions and connectivity with them.

However, recognition is not why fanatics get tattoos. It is a personal choice that excites them. It is to honor their favorite artists and to be grateful in the best way possible.

You may be judgmental and feel that it’s stupid to get such a tattoo. That doesn’t matter either to the wearer. That specific feature holds something dear to them that you wouldn’t understand. They don’t get tattooed for outside approval; the tattoo only makes meaning to them.

4. For sentimental reasons

Losing a loved one is devastating, and people do tattoos to keep their memories alive. Someone may tattoo their date of death or transfer their signature from a gift card and get it engraved on their bodies as a therapy.

Sentimental tattoos mean so much to the wearer as it reminds them of people they loved dearly but are no longer in this world.

Tattoo designs like a cancer ribbon, a cross, praying hands, angel wings, etc. are standard sentimental tattoos designs.

Besides that, someone can get a tattoo design of their lost one’s favorite feature like a song, flower, or animal. They get a tattoo that invokes memories of that person, and it gives them satisfaction.

5. For aesthetic beauty

aesthetic beautyA tattoo is a work of art, and it is attractive to the eyes of the beholder.

Some people get tattoos solely for decoration and to enhance beauty. The symbol doesn’t correctly hold meaning to them; it just excites them to get it.

People get motivation for getting beautiful tattoos from people who have them. You see someone with a tattoo, and it looks gorgeous on them, and you aspire to get one. The design may not mean anything; it could be something that they found to be pretty and thought would look good on them.

Beautiful tattoos are accessories. As a fashion statement, the person chooses the tattoo based on their complexion to find something that complements their skin. It is their silent way of expression and standing out.

They love the tattoo as it makes them unique and raises their confidence.

Bottom line

Human beings are judgmental and rush to judge instead of appreciating. But, whatever opinion you may have about getting tattoos, you should not be quick to judge, there is more than meets the eye.

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