Tattoo Artists

Tattoo kings: Masters of the skin art

A tattoo artist is a person who is capable of making permanent and decorative tattoos and owns a business shop which is termed as a tattoo pat lour. They generally learn this craft by joining as a trainee under a trained, efficient and an experienced ment

Tips for choosing your tattoo artist

Tattoo art is nowadays getting highly popular these day. It is important that you choose a right place where you get a tattoo done. Sometimes in excitement you tend to make a decision that can prove to be wrong later. You may go to a nearby studio and get

Where can I find the branches of jack and sally in US?

Where can I find the branches of jack and sally in US? Do they have any return policies of any kind? On another thought it would be better if you could tell me about all the policies that I should be concerned of or should concern me in any ways?

How can I go for name tattoo?

I have my shoulder tattooed with a tribal tattoo, and I apparently loved it. In fact, my girlfriend liked it too, and she has suggested me to go for name tattoo this time. I am quite perturbed as I have just started dating her, and there is no doubt about

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