Tattoo kings: Masters of the skin art

A tattoo artist is a person who is capable of making permanent and decorative tattoos and owns a business shop which is termed as a tattoo pat lour. They generally learn this craft by joining as a trainee under a trained, efficient and an experienced mentor in the field. The top 10 tattoo artists who have made their career in this field are as follows:

1) Paul Booth:

Paul Booth tattoo king

This artist explores death and mayhem in his works. He is capable of making portraits of evils that seem almost living. His work has led him to achieve several worldwide awards and book spot into the cover pages of popular magazines, and television channels like CNN, MTV and a lot more.

2) Ryan Dearringer:

Ryan Dearringer tattoo king

This individual is an award winning tattoo artist, and is a custom tattoo artist at Sacred Ink in Indianapolis. His work attempts the mixture of all styles and art. He works on Portraits, Graffiti style and also fine art tattoos.

3) Mike Devries:

Mike Devries tattoo king

Mike Devries has earned his position as the top color tattoo artist in the country. He mainly applies ultra realistic colored tattoos that creates an image like they will jump off from the skin at any minute. Portraits, animals and pin ups are his favorite things to do.

4) Bob Tyrell:

Bob Tyrell tattoo king

This fine artist has a knack of creating unbelievably realistic black and grey portraits. His works seem more like a living person that can come to life any moment.

5) Guy Aitchison:

Guy Aitchison tattoo king

His name ranks first in biomechanical tattoo field. He is the creator of some best and huge color biomech tattoos .

6) Aaron Cain:

Aaron Cain tattoo king

His is another name in the biomechanical field, who’s work bears the special features of thick lines and hard edges in the biomechanical cluster. He also creates a complete line of custom tattoo equipment.

7) Nick Baxter:

Nick Baxter tattoo king

His name is renowned for his large color tattoos.

8) Carson Hill:

Carson Hill tattoo king

This person is again a biomechanical master. He fiddles more with dimensional reality ,shadow, light and the depth of infinity etc. His each artwork manifests subtle messages.

9) Jesse Nesse:

Jesse Nesse tattoo king

He is the top tattoist in Nebraska. His shop NuclearInk Custom tattoo first opened in 1999 in South Omaha.

10) Brandon Bond:

Brandon Bond tattoo king

He is the owner of the All Or Nothing tattoo parlour in Atlanta in Georgia. He also owns a publishing company called Stranglehold which sells movies, books, clothing, artwork, and other tattoo related products. Now he has been working for 15 years, but still has advance booking for an year. Brandon has opened another studio named Anti Art Elite at the northwest of Atlanta, GA.

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