Is there a problem to have demon tattoos?

I really like some of those demon tattoos that are in fashion these days. I was wondering to get one of those soon on my back. But recently I have been reading some articles that says that demon tattoos bring a lot of bad luck to the person’s life who g

4 Tips to choose a tattoo ink color

Tattoos are a popular fashion statement among the youth now days. You can spot a long queue of people who wait outside different tattoo parlors, just to have a tattoo that portrays their personality or some wish or desire they want to showcase. One thing

Types of Japanese Tattoo Sleeves Designs

The sleeves designs were adopted by the Japanese people. Tattoos in Japan are known as lrezumi, which means having ink, and Horimono (which are carved). Japanese sleeve tattoos popularity is not limited to the local area, instead it has covered a vast are

Daring tattoo with laser etcher!

Oh! I can hardly understand what sort of madness is this. I am doubtful, are all the senses of that guy working well? Just joking. But try to feel the pain, this young man must have gone through to get it done. Puzzled? This is not a white-ink tattoo…

Tattoo Artist of the week: Guy Aitchison

In the tattoo industry American tattooist Guy Aitchison, 39, is a single name that has much influence. He pushes the boundaries of the art form and is the undisputed heavyweight tattoo champion of the world. He is not easily available to the public and…

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