Could Your Home Tattoo Make You Sick?

Tattoos are extremely popular among the rich & famous, and also among the fashion conscious genre. Anybody, who is fashion conscious, is bound to experiment with having a tattoo pierced on their body. However, not all people get permanent tattoos inked on their bodies. Quite many people are adventurous enough to try making themselves at home. However, recent research and studies have revealed that this possibly can pose potential health hazards to a person. Home remedies are safe exactly does not hold true for tattoo art.

How does a Home Tattoo affect a person’s health?

  • Hepatises C is most commonly found among Americans. Recent studies have shown that there is a strong link between Home Tattooing and Hepatises C. Incidentally home tattooing is quite popular among Mercer students and there have been many cases of Hepatises C found among these students. There were some startling revelations made in the study on these students.
  • Out of the students surveyed 1 out of 5 students had at least 1 tattoo made by an unlicensed artist. In Philadelphia, a sample of students having Hepatises C, had tattoos. Most of these students had their tattoos done in a non-commercial setting. The results of a systematic review indicate that people who have tattooed are at a higher risk of having hepatises C.
  • Tattoo ink has toxic chemicals and there have been some really disturbing findings related to this very popular fashion art. Recently published studies have found that tattoo inks contain a melange of dodgy substances, including   thimerosal, phthalates, metals, and hydrocarbons that are carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. A chemical commonly used in black tattoo ink called benzo(a)pyrene is known to be a potent carcinogen that causes skin cancer. This has been concluded basis the tests conducted on animals. Besides black ink, coloured inks contain lead, calcium, chromium, nickel, titanium and other heavy metals. These chemicals can trigger fatal skin allergies and potential skin and respiratory diseases.

Since, tattoos can cause such potential diseases and skin problems it is advisable to give a good thought before having a tattoo pierced on your body. For those who are considering to get their tattoos removed after getting to know about the potential health hazards, the good news is there are ways in which one can erase of their permanent tattoos. Laser removal is the most common method people use these days to get their tattoos removed. However, this is a very tricky method as overheating of the skin may cause scars. Researchers are devising alternative ways to remove tattoos. But basis the findings, think twice before getting inked.

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