Steelers fan shows skin deep love with 200-plus hours of tattoos

nfl fan tattoo

It doesn’t matter whether you’re soaked in sweat from head to toe under the frenzy of the ongoing game or being pricked by the needle for 200 hours or more, passion melts down the pain. Ron Vergerio bared his skin deep passion for the NFL by covering himself with Steelers tattoos. The Pittsburgh-area bus driver planned to have a different ball game and underwent more than 200 hours of needle work to ink his upper body and arms – back, sides, shoulders and calves with tattoos of Pittsburgh greats, past and present.

His obsessive collection of more than 1,000 Steelers collectibles and photos were not enough to whet his appetite; and now he’s a moving Steelers memorial. It is not the first time that fans have gone so far, rather it’s a fashion and even the players are not behind; in fact they only inspire their fans. Keep watching, it’s just a beginning of an incredible tattoo odyssey.

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