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We often talk about unmanned vehicles. In movies, we can often see cars that are not only driving by themselves but are also able to fly. However, we are far from having the latter. As for autopilots, even though various dealers introduce autopilot mechanisms, humanity has not yet seen a real autopilot, and every car, that boasts of having autopilot still needs significant improvement.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) generally identifies 5 levels of autonomy, where level 0 is a car without any autonomous functions, and level 5 is full autopilot. Obviously, we have not yet reached the fifth step. While technologies are marking time at level 2. The best modern autopilot can steer, accelerate, and slow down, but the driver must monitor the road and react if the system cannot cope on its own. In rare cases, we are talking about level 3, when a car can move on roads with easily predictable traffic, such as highways. In this article, we will talk about 3 cars that have some sort of autopilot embedded in them.

1. Tesla vehicles

Tesla-vehicleWe are no more surprised by innovations that Elon Musk offers to us. He has already proved to be a creative genius, and his Tesla is a car of the future. Basically, almost all Tesla vehicles, including the Model S, will now come with a basic version of the Autopilot system that helps drive the car.

The changes will lead to higher prices for cars in the basic configuration, but they will still cost less than when buying an autopilot separately.

The basic version of the autopilot is able to drive the car along the highway and slow down in front of obstacles, as well as control the cruise control system. In addition to it, Tesla also offers the Full Self-Driving system, which can park the car, change lanes and turn.

Tesla’s autopilot system is particularly useful for people who are frequently using mobile devices while they are driving a car. Some people go so deep in watching videos or playing games on mobile devices that sometimes they forget a car. And it also goes to people who are involved in gambling. Most recently Playamo ZA conducted research that asked people about the most unusual places they played poker. It was surprising that almost 50% answered it was during their commutes, being in the driver’s seat or not. Doing this on the road increases the chances of a crash.

However, on December 29, a car accident happened in the United States involving a Tesla car, which was supposedly on the autopilot function, so it still needs some improvement.

The changes do not apply to the cheapest version of Model 3 worth $35 thousand. Consumers will still be able to buy it without an autopilot; however, Tesla no longer sells this model through its website – the machine is available only in dealerships and by phone.

Tesla also plans to use these cars for its Tesla Network unmanned taxi service. The company first introduced it in the fall of 2016 but has not yet launched it.

2. Volvo XC90

Volvo-XC90The next-generation crossover will be able to move on the roads independently. In this case, the car will retain external controls.

Even though it is still not out yet, the next-generation Volvo XC90 crossover will be available in 2021 and will be available with a fourth-level automatic control system. This was announced at the premiere of the new S60 sedan at the American company of the Swedish brand in Charleston (South Carolina).

The fourth-level autopilot provides for completely autonomous movement from one place to another without the participation of a driver who can engage in extraneous matters. At the same time, the car will have external controls, which will allow you to control the crossover if you wish independently.

By the time the next XC90 arrives, Volvo expects to coordinate with the US government all the necessary nuances in order to obtain permission for a fully autonomous ride.

At the moment, Volvo cars are optionally equipped with a Pilot Assist semi-automatic control system that can keep the car in its occupied lane at a speed of up to 130 km per hour.

3. Cadillac

Cadillac-introduced-a-modern-autopilot-system.Cadillac introduced a modern autopilot system of the Future is Here series and presented a commercial on the American channel on YouTube, where it emphasized all the advantages of its autopilot in front of the famous Tesla.

The new Cadillac development is the world’s first autopilot track, which announced itself in 2012 but became available as an option for the 2018-2019 Cadillac CT6 sedan. A clear advantage over Tesla is the Super Cruise system, which provides hands-free driving.

In September 2017, an experiment was done – a group of journalists and shareholders made a trip from New York to Los Angeles, and it was proved that cars could drive on their own without the help of a driver.

The Super Cruise system is equipped with a set of cameras, advanced map data, radars, satellite navigation and the function of tracking the driver’s eye using an infrared camera mounted on the steering wheel. This solution provides safe movement on the highway or hilly terrain. In conditions of reduced visibility, limited visibility and sharp turns, the autopilot system allows the car to pre-determine suitable sections of the track and driving mode.

What awaits us in the future?

After the automation of all vehicles, it is expected that the number of accidents will reduce by 90%, which will save at least 30 thousand lives a year. Uncrewed vehicles do not need parking, as they are constantly in motion, carrying passengers. As a result, the lanes that were previously occupied by parked cars will be freed, due to which city traffic jams will be reduced by several times. As scientists have calculated, this will save every resident of the city about 38 hours every year, that is, a full working week. Also, parking lots, garages and most dealerships will disappear from the cards.

The last, but no less important factor is environmental protection, because autopilot cars will mostly use electric traction.

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