This is How Cannabis Makes Sex More Pleasurable For You

Cannabis Makes Sex More Pleasurable

While cannabis originated centuries ago in the Asian subcontinent, it has slowly become prevalent in the rest of the world. In the last decade, the herb cannabis has managed to become a household name, owing to its medicinal and recreational uses. From inducing a mild-altering, euphoric high to help treat many ailments, this herb can do wonders. But did you know that the plant cannabis can also impact your sex life? You read that right. The magical herb cannabis can improve sex. If you are wondering how you will benefit from it, read on and find out.

Things to know about combining cannabis and sex:

A long ongoing debate has surrounded if and how cannabis can affect sex. Although there is a lack of evidence, users find the herb extremely beneficial for their love life. Here are some things you must before you use cannabis while getting intimate with your partner:

1.       It can increase your libido:

increase your libidoFrom a hectic work schedule to mounting societal obligations, the lack of time can significantly impact your sex life. If you feel that you and your partner are not taking the initiative for some intimate time, you can incorporate cannabis in your life.

The cannabis plant contains plenty of chemical compounds, and the most prominent ones are CBD and THC. CBD or cannabidiol is a unique, medicinal cannabinoid that can help improve your health. Here, it can improve blood flow in your body and ensure your reproductive organs receive adequate blood. The increase in blood flow often leads to sexual stimulation and enhances your libido. Cannabis can get you and your partner in the mood for some love and increase your sexual desires.

If you want to benefit from CBD’s goodness, you can get yourself the NuLeaf Naturals. It will help you plenty of physical and psychological troubles – including sex.

2.       Help reduce sex-related pain and anxiety:

While sex is meant to be pleasurable, it is not the same for everyone. Many people suffer from excruciating pain during sexual intercourse, which can significantly impact their relationship with their partner. Besides that, some people get nervous and anxious about having sex, often known as performance pressure.

The herb cannabis can prove beneficial for you if you are suffering from both of these troubles. The cannabinoid CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid system present in your body to reduce the pain that you experience. Moreover, both THC and CBD can help with anxiety. THC can induce a high that can help your mind and body relax, whereas CBD is known to be an anti-anxiety agent. With using cannabis, you may be able to express better and enjoy sex.

3.       Make it more pleasurable:

pleasurable Sex lifeSex life can often take a hit when if you or your partner are unsatisfied with the intercourse. A common culprit behind this is the lack of sensations. The medicinal herb cannabis can come to your aid here.

There are receptors present around your reproductive organs, which communicates with the cannabinoids present in cannabis. The receptors can be responsible for all the sensations you feel during sex, and it can also help you reach orgasm. When you consume the herb, the cannabinoids will interact with receptors to heighten your senses and improve your sex life. All the senses, like sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell, can also be increased to ensure you have an enthralling experience. 

Ways of using cannabis for sex:

Cannabis is famous as a versatile plant, and you can easily incorporate it in your life. The wide variety of choices in consumption methods can often leave you confused. Here are some ways to improve sex with cannabis:

1.       Oral:

consuming CBD oilThe most convenient way of using cannabis is through the oral method. While some people eat cannabis leaves and buds directly, you can also consume its oil for oral ingestion. Here, it is essential to calculate the right dosage that suits your needs carefully.

2.       Smoking:

Since centuries people have been smoking the buds of cannabis. You can either roll it in an old-fashioned joint or use an electronic vaporizer for inhaling the cannabinoids before sex.

3.       Edibles:

cannabis-infused ediblesEdibles are alternative food and beverages that have cannabis-infused in them. You can get brownies, cookies, and drinks like coffee and beer containing cannabis to boost your sex life.

4.       Topicals:

Cannabis-based creams and lotions are the ways to use the herb topically. You can also use cannabis oil to give your partner a good massage or invest in a cannabis-infused lube for intercourse. 

Final Thoughts:

Sex is essential for your health as well as for a good relationship with your partner. If your sex life has recently taken a backseat, it is time to rekindle it with cannabis. Consult your doctor and use the herb for a fantastic experience in the bedroom.

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