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Can you suggest me some feminine tattoo designs?

Which are the most feminine tattoo designs you have come across? I love everything girlish. I want some pictures of the most feminine tattoo designs. I want to get a tattoo made on my leg and I want a mixture of stars, hearts and whatever you can think of

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Where can I get indian tattoos ?

I am a big fan of indian tattoos. Especially to have Indian God’s tattoo in your body make your body look amazing. I have a tattoo of Goddess Durga on my arm but now I want to make a indian tattoo on my chest. Can you tell me where I can get it? Also if y

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Anyone with music tattoo design ideas?

Hi guys, after a long struggle period finally our rock group has got the chance to perform our first live performance. We are really nervous for the final day and everyone is making their own preparations. I also have my own plans for my first concert. I

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Where can I get a spiderman tattoo ?

I live in Brazil and there is is problem out there at my place as my son being a huge fan of spiderman series wants a same tattoo done on his shoulder. So guys please help me to find some stores here so that his demand is fulfilled and tension is gone ?

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What does the tribal sun tattoo represent?

If I get the tribal sun tattoo, then what would it tell people? I have to know what the tribal sun tattoo represents. To what extent would this tattoo hurt and also how much time is taken approximately? Should I get a large one or a small at behind the n

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10 worst photo tattoos ever

When it comes to show off your true self, tattoos are considered one of the best conventional methods of art and self-expression. The latest fad in tattoo arena swirls around inking photos onto your skin. Not only are they a perfect way to symbolize your

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Where should I get the swallow tattoo made?

Which is the best swallow tattoo you have seen? Someone asked me for some pictures of swallows as they want to get it tattooed. Get you get temporary tattoos of swallows. What kind of a sparrow tattoo would look good? The sparrow really looks adorable, wh

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Explain infibulation both in men and women?

Hi there, what is infibulation? I tried researching about and what I got I understood nothing frankly. Could you explain it to me in simple language? I have understood that it is some kind of a surgery done to both male and female, but for what reasons? I

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Where can I find some tattoo designs free of cost?

Where can I find some tattoo designs free of cost? I only want to look at the designs and obviously no one would want to pay for something like that, can you tell me where can find them for free? Tell me about all the sites and the e books on the designs

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Where to get Chinese tatoo designs in USA?

I am planning to get some Chinese tattoo done on my left arm to impress my Chinese girlfriend. She would be really happy to see one of those. I am planning to propose her this weekend and therefore cannot afford anything to go wrong. Can you please tell m

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Want a wing tattoo in NYC ?

Hey pals i am an adolescent persuing my college in NYC. And now i am planning to get a wing tattoo done on my back as i have heard they are quite trendy. Plz suggest me some stores here ? I would respect answers from girls who have this tattoo and ya plus

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Patriotic tattoos that celebrate USA

Patriotism is always in fashion. For those who find interest …

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Body Art Tips

Think before you ink

It is quite obvious that we all do things in our lives that we may either completely approve of or regret. Usually, there are no grey areas on this one. These changes are going to be there forever, whether we like it or not. People often pierce their spou

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Can anyone share about the lion tattoo?

I am a huge animal lover as since my childhood I used to accompany my family to different zoos of the world. On my demand my dad allowed a lot visits to these wildlife places so that I could enjoy what I loved. And now I am in my 30s and planning to go fo

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Are tattoos painful ?

Hey I came across knowing that wrist tattoos emits a lot of suffering and pain. Is it true as I was planning to get a same tattoo done. Do you think I should go for it or not. Will it look cool there ? Suggest

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