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Where can I get a fairy tattoo for my prom night ?

Just after 4 days its my college prom and I am quite excited about it. All my preparations are done except a tattoo. Guys I need a fairy tattoo on shoulder as I will be wearing a sleeveless gown for this big night and plus too my boyfriend is going to as

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Body Art Tips

Reasons you should steer clear of a facial tattoo

The face is one’s identity. People recognize you because of …

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What are the best flower tattoos for girls?

I am planning to get tattooed on an exclusive birthday party of my boyfriend. I am planning to wear an off-shoulder dress, and this is why I want to know some flower tattoos for girls which I can get on my shoulder. I am getting perplexed as to what shall

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Where can one get a military tattoo?

Hey pals, my son is into military but these days he is back at home enjoying his holidays. He asked to get a tattoo done on his shoulder so, guys can you please suggest me some good tattoo designs for my son which can boast up his honor and pride?

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Is foot tattoo trendy in women ?

My mom has this adamant decision to get a foot tattoo for herself. So for that she asked me to suggest her some good designs. Firstly I want to ask you is foot tattoos done by women common among them. And also suggest me with some links to locate some coo

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Where can one a butterfly tattoo on NY on a reasonable price?

Hey pals, I live in NYC and I plan to get a butterfly tattoo done on my butt crack. I have heard that while getting tattoos inked it really hurts, is it true or people are liars? Can anyone tell me where can I get it done in NYC at reasonable prices? I do

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Simple body paint ideas you can even try at home Body Art Diary Popular

9 – Simple body paint ideas you can even try at home

Body painting is a beautiful art which you can also …

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Are neck tattoos common in girls?

My friend advised me to go for a tattoo as I never had one and I was convinced by her. Now I plan to get a neck tattoo but I am confused with what color to choose for my tattoo as I don’t want it much flashy rather, I would prefer more subtle and appealin

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How does a tribal cross look like?

How does a tribal cross looks like? How are the tribal cross tattoos different from the normal cross tattoos? Which one looks elegant on a built up male body? Please help me decide the best one for me? Will you please also tell me from where should I get

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Body Art Diary Popular

Facebook Tattoo Results Jail

Gang Member Uploads Tat Pic on Facebook, Lands in Jail …

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Where can I find a playboy tattoo?

Hey friends, I am planning to get a playboy bunny tattoo on my hips. Do you think it is sexy and plus too serve with some sites where I can locate some trendy designs of this bunny ? Suggest soon.

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Is neck tattoo flashy or not ?

Hey guys I am planning to get this stars tattoo done in UK but I am confused where to get it done where it looks just the best. Do you think neck tattoo will be sexy. Suggestions awaited. Also send me some sites where I can some good tattoo designs for my

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Where can I have my birthday tattoo ?

Hey, I plan to get a tattoo done on my wrist as my girlfriend really likes it. So, I thought nothing would be better than getting a zodiac sign tattoo. So, please help me with some links. And yeah I am a Sagittarius . Help me.

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Where can I find free tattoo flash?

What is a free tattoo flash? Where can I find free tattoo flash? Are there any chances of finding them on the net? Will you provide me with the names of the websites where can I find the tattoo flash for free? I will wait for your responses.

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How can I get a sexy pussy tattoo?

Hey guys I always wanted to have a sexy tattoo on my pussy as I am a porn star so it feels great to have one there while performing my business. Can you guys plz help me with a sexy playboy tattoo on my pie in Italy as I am unable to locate a store. Sugge

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