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Where can one get 3D tattoo pictures?

Folks I need your small help as I am planning to get a 3D tattoo done on my shoulder but I am failing to find some good designs to refer my tattoo. So people please help me where can I access 3D tattoo designs for my tattoo?

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tattoo-design-ideas-for-men Body Art Diary Popular

Creative Eye tattoo design ideas for men

A very popular trend among men nowadays is the eye …

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Which is the hottest trend in forearm tattoo for a guy?

My girlfriend has advised me to go for tattoo! I haven’t done it before, as I could never find time out of my work. I have recently been engaged to her, and she has asserted that forearm tattoo look amazing on guys. I would really like to know about the h

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Body Art Diary Popular

Does Christianity allow tattoos?

Many Christians contend with the question of tattoos. Bible is not very
clear about tattooing. The passage in Leviticus is mainly related to the
pagan religious rituals of the people living around the Israelite s.
God desires to make his citizenry diff

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Tattoo Designs Guide

Tattoo Designs to Consider

Your tattoo is permanent. These are some things worth considering …

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Where can one get a tribal tattoo?

I am planning to get a new tattoo for me this weekend. But in the quest of choosing the best design for my shoulder it has made me confused. I want to have a tribal warrior made on my shoulder. I saw this design at one of my friend who now lives in South

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Can anyone suggest some quotes for tattoos for a couple?

My boyfriend wants me to get tattooed now. We are planning to tattoo some quote together. I want to know a few romantic quotes for tattoos, which we both can get tattooed on arms. It is for the first time that I would get any tattoo done; therefore please

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Where can I find the tribal tattoo designs?

Can you tell me where can I have a look at the tribal tattoo designs? Can you suggest to me some books loaded with the tribal tattoo designs or do you think it is advisable to get some suggestions on the design from the tattoo store itself first and then

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What are the things that one should remember about tattoo care?

I am planning on getting my first ever tattoo. Before I do, I would like to know what tips you would give for tattoo care. I have seen that people do not have a bath; they have cellophane paper wrapped around the tattoo. You have to apply stuff on it regu

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Where can I get a cross tattoo inked?

Hey folks. I am stuck between my thoughts to whether get tattoo inked on my chest or my lower back. And what size would be suitable of tattoo if go for chest tattoo and how much will it cost my pocket ? Suggest soon thanx.

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Where can one get a lily tattoo for mother?

My mom has this adamant decision to get a lily foot tattoo for herself. So, for that she asked me to suggest her some good designs. Firstly I want to ask you is foot tattoos done by women and are common amongst them? Also, suggest me where can I get some

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Which all types of sparrow tattoo inks are there?

Hey, I am planning to get a sparrow tattoo done next week and I was just thinking that are there different types of ink for tattoo or it is just the regular one? If yes, then suggest which one should I go for my leg tattoo? Suggest soon. Also, refer me so

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Classic flower tattoos Body Art Diary Popular

Classic flower tattoos and what they mean

Flowers tattoos are beautiful and they have special meaning. Roses, …

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The beauty and symbolic meanings of butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are very popular among women not only because …

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Where can one get a cool and trendy tattoo on body?

Hey, I am a college girl and on the first day of my 2nd year I plan to shock my friends getting a cool and trendy tattoo inked on my body. So, for this, can you suggest me some links solving my query?

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