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Tattoo Designs Guide

Tips to choose a tantalizing tattoo

Tattoos are a rage these days and a person with a cool tattoo always stands out in the crowd. The design of your tattoo reflects your persona thereby making a bold style statement. Therefore while being tattooed, you should opt for a hip and exceptional d

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How can I go for name tattoos?

I have my shoulder tattooed with a tribal tattoo, and I apparently loved it. In fact, my girlfriend liked it too, and she has suggested me to go for name tattoos this time. I am quite perturbed as I have just started dating her, and there is no doubt abou

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Anyone with music tattoo design ideas?

Hi guys, after a long struggle period finally our rock group has got the chance to perform our first live performance. We are really nervous for the final day and everyone is making their own preparations. I also have my own plans for my first concert. I

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Where can I get tattoo machines?

Starting tattoo parlor was hard and now maintaining everything here is hard. Do me a favor and tell me a good place to buy tattoo machines for my parlor. I have had to shut it down for some time as there have been problems with my machines. I need to buy

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Is getting a peace tattoo over secret body parts ok?

I am a peace loving girl as I hate violence. So, suiting my personality I decided to get a peace tattoo on my vagina. But I am confused with designs. Can you please suggest me some good links to help me solving my purpose?

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Looking for a star tattoo. Is it wise on foot ?

I am looking to get a star tattoo inked on both of my foots but i am unable to find some cool designs. I googled a lot on the internet but failed . Can you plz suggest me some cool website links solving my purpose. Reply soon.

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Is scorpion tattoo cool ?

I am a scorpion as my birthday is coming this November,I want to do something on this birthday. so as i am proud of my zodiac sign I thought to get a scorpion tattoo on my arm bragging it between my friends. Suggest me some cool designs to go for ?

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Where can one get a horse Tattoo done in Vegas?

Hey, pals out there. Can anyone suggest me with where should I get my horse tattoo done in Vegas? On my which part of body as I am unable to find suitable place to get it inked? And plus it would be great if you can also share some links offering me diffe

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Which are the best tattoo galleries of 2011?

Which are the best tattoo galleries according to you guys of 2011? Which has been the tattoo most accounted for. Do you think any tattoo can be named the best? Is there not art in every tattoo? Which place is famous for making the best tattoos and why. Wh

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Want a temporary horseshoe tattoo?

I am looking to get a temporary horseshoe tattoo done on my back as I am not willing to for for permanent one being scared of risk of skin cancer. Suggest me some stores in Rome where I can get this tattoo done and are they too harmful for skin?

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Show your pirate side with a tattoo that matches

If you have an obsession for ships and pirates and …

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What is the amount of money I will have to pay to have tribal arm tattoo on my body?

Yes, I also come in the list of those 40% Americans who are a big tattoo enthusiast. The only thing I hate about Tattoos is the pain which we have to afce while removing as it is painful and expensive. Recently I removed a butterfly tattoo from the upper

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Body Art Tips

Famous paintings inspire face arts

Famous paintings around the world have always inspired artists. So much so that it has now become an obsession with one of the artists, Andy Alcala, a student of the University of lowa, who recently turned his face into a replica of all famous paintings.

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Where can one find the top wine tattoos?

Which is the best website to view the wine tattoos? I am planning on getting a vine tattoo on my back. It really looks very elegant and classy. Most of them that I have seen look so chick and neat. I want to get something like that with my name entangled

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What are the best flower tattoos for girls?

I am planning to get tattooed on an exclusive birthday party of my boyfriend. I am planning to wear an off-shoulder dress, and this is why I want to know some flower tattoos for girls which I can get on my shoulder. I am getting perplexed as to what shall

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