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Where can one get a 3d crown tattoo inked in LA?

Hello everyone I have a query to ask you guys? My friend recently got a tattoo inked on her spine of Taylor Swift as she thinks to be her biggest fan. Seeing her I too got boosted to get for me also. Can anyone tell me where can I get a 3d crown tattoo in

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All about body painting

Body painting is the most temporary, pain free, risk free and fun way of making your body look beautiful and different. It gives you a temporary change of looks. Whether you go for a theme party or you do body painting just for fun, body painting art is t

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What is the meaning of the hannya mask tattoo?

What does it mean to have the hannya mask tattooed on your body. Someone told me they want to get it done. I saw the pictures as had not the slightest idea about what the hannya mask was. What is the meaning of this mask? What are the many forms in which

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How to dilute tattoo ink

Introduction: Tattoo ink is permanent ink contains pigments and is mainly used for making tattoos. It is available in wide variety of colors and shades. For a demanding unique and beautiful pattern, a tattoo artist has left no option other than to dilut

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TOOTH FILLING Body Art Diary Popular


Tattoos have become a totally outdated fashion stigma. Women and …

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From where can i get various foot tattoo designs ?

hey i always had interest to get a tattoo inked on my body. but now i am confused where to get it done on my body. my friend suggested me to go for foot tattoo and i think she was right. can you please help me with links solving my purpose telling me abou

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How do the faith tattoos look?

I am not sure on what to decide for my tattoos, I want to be special. Will you suggest some interesting ideas that will make it more special and will get a personal touch of mine as well? What do you think about the faith tattoos? How do the faith tattoos

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Will heart tattoo getting inked on rib will hurt ?

Hey pals i am looking forward to get a heart tattoo done on my rib cage. Do you think it is a wise step and should i go for it. It really sounds weird getting it done there. Have you guys experienced such tattoo ? If yes then share your experience ?

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Tattoo Designs Guide

Tips to choose a lower back tattoo design

A tattoo is an artwork and when this piece of art is displayed at the back, nothing can be more appealing and sensuous than that and tattoo at the back is preferred by most of the women. Moreover the big area at the back lets the tattoo artists to design

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What is a CBT?

What is a CBT? Is it a talking therapy? How does it help? Who all can prove to be benefited with such a therapy? Where can I learn more about it? Are there any books that contain a detailed information on the CBT? I will be waiting for your responses.

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How can I go for tattoos of names?

I have my shoulder tattooed with a tribal tattoo, and I apparently loved it. In fact, my girlfriend liked it too, and she has suggested me to go for tattoos of names this time. I am quite perturbed as I have just started dating her, and there is no doubt

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How do you feel about firefighter tattoos?

Hey there what is your take on firefighter tattoos? Could a girl get this tattoo and not be considered a tom boy. Do you get firefighter tattoos for women? I think the firefighter tattoos look really great. I would also like to know what it means. Does it

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Things that might ruin your fresh tattoo Body Art Diary Popular

10 Things that might ruin your fresh tattoo

Tattoos are the most common thing nowadays. But, when you …

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Can someone detail me about temporary tattoos?

One of my friends recently got a tattoo done. I really liked the design he opted for and want to go for the same. But the issue is that I do not want a permanent tattoo on my skin and thus my friend has suggested me to go for a temporary tattoo. I do not

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Want to learn about nose piercing ?

I live in Russia and i am a student persuing my 2nd year of college. i recently got a project to learn in deep about nose piercing. and i am to tell that i am unaware to where to access such information. So plz suggest me some sites online helping my purp

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