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What is the meaning of the tree of life tattoo?

I saw the tree of life tattoo on a picture of a cousin of mine and I could not contact her. I wanted to know what the meaning of the tree of life is. Where did this tree of life myth or story originate from? Is it a sign of good luck if you get it tattooe

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Why are most of the tattoo artists are afraid to create the fairy tatoos?

I know for a fact that the tattoo artists are very reluctant and are afraid of creating the fairy tattoos, a lot. Why is it like that? Why are they so reluctant when it comes to the fairy tattoos? I find them extremely cute and artistic and gives the arti

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Where can one get a flower tattoo on neck in Paris?

Hey, I live in Paris and I am planning to get a flower tattoo on my neck but am unable to locate it here as I am not able to find some suitable store as per my requirement. So, please help me with some good stores where I can get it done? Suggest soon.

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How much do the tattoo guns costs?

If I want to buy a pair of tattoo guns then about what should I be careful about and also tell me what are the things that I should be asking at the store prior to buying the tattoo guns? Will you tell me atleast ten things that are mandatory for me to kn

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Where can one get filthy tattoo done in France?

I am a growing teenager and I have these erotic dreams and sexual fantasies when my eyes are closed. I have this teacher in my school and believe me she has increased my toilet visits from the day I have seen her. I have a huge crush on her. Thinking of a

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Can someone detail me about temporary tattoos?

One of my friends recently got a tattoo done. I really liked the design he opted for and want to go for the same. But the issue is that I do not want a permanent tattoo on my skin and thus my friend has suggested me to go for a temporary tattoo. I do not

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Can you share with me some interesting tattoo ideas for men?

I am searching for some really interesting tattoo ideas for men, are there any websites keeping a tab on the latest advancements of the tattoos world and new designs appearing worldwide? Any such websites would have turned very helpful to me. Do you have

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Should I go for a hip tattoo ?

Don’t you think butterfly tattoo is quite common these days. But still I love butterflies so I am adamant to get this tattoo done. I live in Russia and I am planning to get this tattoo done on my hips. So can you guys please enlighten me some good and tr

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Explain infibulation both in men and women?

Hi there, what is infibulation? I tried researching about and what I got I understood nothing frankly. Could you explain it to me in simple language? I have understood that it is some kind of a surgery done to both male and female, but for what reasons? I

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Where can one find pictures of a unique star tattoo?

I want images of unique star tattoos. I do not want it to be too girlie. I am not going to make a number of stars, only one I think. What should I have around it to make it more boyish? Where can I view a one of a kind picture of a star tattoo? Where I sh

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Can I get rib cage tattoos?

hey pals I am looking forward to getting a tattoo done on my rib cage. Do you think it is a wise step and should I go for it. it really sounds weird getting it done there. Have you guys experienced such a tattoo ? I know a couple of friends who got it don

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Popular-tattoo-designs Body Art Diary Popular

Popular tattoo designs that won’t go out of trend soon

Tattoos are the personal expression that stays with you for …

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3 Ways to fix a misspelled tatoo

Wearing tattoos has become nothing short of a fashion statement today. Most people carry them with grace and flaunt them with style. A good tattoo indeed harbors the capability to define your personality, however, a badly carved or a misspelled tattoo mig

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How to use the tattoo gun?

Will you tell me how to use the tattoo gun? Are there any manual that I can buy from the regular stores or the tattoo store or online that will help me learn to use the tattoo gun? If there is an expert out there, will you teach me how to use it stating t

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Body Art Diary Popular

Tattoo Machine Coils: How they work

If you have ever had a tattoo made, you are bound to be familiar with the vitality of a tattoo machine. Not only does it aid the tattoo artist in carving out extraordinary designs, but it also helps the final product to be extremely intricate and precise.

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