6 Tips to choose a tattoo design

Tattoo designs

There are myriad of tattoo designs, some have even religious connotations associated with it. Therefore, before you choose a tattoo it is essential to spend time on the design you would like to go for. Here are some essential tips that can help you choose a right tattoo design. Read on and make an appropriate choice.

1. Choose the right theme

Before you delve into the exact design, it is essential to choose the right theme. The major themes that almost all tattoos fall under are animals, animal symbols; Chinese symbols and numbers; and mirror images depicting zodiac symbols, Celtic symbols, or cosmic objects like sun or moon. Choosing the right theme could also help you narrow down the exact design. However, if you wish to go for geometric shapes, then be aware that geometric shapes look well on a letterhead and may not look great on your body. Ask yourself why you want to tattoo, then you will get an idea to start with. If you want your tattoo to be more expressive, then think about things that have meaning to you.

2. Tattoo reflects you

Once you decide on the right theme, you can dig for samples of great artwork in any tattoo related magazine or in any tattoo design shop. Tattoos that have intricate designs depicting great artwork like demon slayer look great on paper, but it may not be a right image to project yourself, unless you specifically want to go for it. If you do not have any previous experience in choosing a tattoo design, then choose a design that has a meaning that can go along with your attitude. Moreover, there are thousands of symbols and shapes with hidden meanings, so it is essential to search the right meaning of a symbol to see whether it pertains to your ideas. In addition, look around for people who have tattoos on them and see how the designs look like. You will also get an idea just by looking at books, posters, and stickers that you come across. If you don’t get any idea, then talk to a tattoo artist about your thoughts.

3. Decide the size

If you are tattooing for the first time, then start with a small tattoo that an artist can do it quickly and easily. Large sized tattoos take longer time and even the removal process is quite difficult. Nowadays, many people are choosing animal tattoos. If you prefer to go for a scaled down version of animal tattoos on your wrist, then you need to keep in mind that tattooing animals cause more pain than other designs because of its complexity. The animal designs are usually 3D and look realistic after you tattoo it. In addition, when you choose the size of the tattoo, you also need to keep your employment in your mind. Checking your company rules and regulations before hand can save you a lot of time, because once you have your tattoo on, the removal process would take more time and even more pain depending on the type of removal method you choose.

4. Plan your budget

The price of tattoos varies with the size. Obviously, if the size is larger, then it cost more. The design of the tattoo also matters a lot. If the design is quite intricate, then it cost more than simple designs. Alternatively, if you are first time user and are quite skeptical about tattooing, then you can go for temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos have wide range of designs that you can choose on a trial run.

5. Choosing the area

Tattoo can be done anywhere in your body. If you look at any tattoo magazine, you will see most people tattoo in their nap of their neck, forearm, lower back, and hands. Finally, choosing a right area is more of a personal choice.

6. Keep the removal process in mind

Tattoos are permanent unless you opt for temporary tattoos that come in stickers. If you are a first time user, then you need to keep in mind about the removal process before choosing a tattoo design. The normal removal process involves surgical method that is quite painful and can leave a scar on your body. However, you can also go for laser removal method, which is quite faster and safer way to remove tattoos quickly.

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