4 tips to tackle the fears & anxieties of getting tattooed

Fear & anxiety of getting a tattoo

While you have decided to get that cool tattoo done on your body, but, just the next moment the pain that the process accompanies is troubling you. The thought of hundred needles pricking your body is indeed discomforting and unbearable for some. It is significant to control your thoughts, be sure and confident before you actually get your self tattooed. Read on to learn to tackle your fears and anxieties of getting tattooed with these simple tips. This might help you to relax yourself.

1. Needles won’t go deep

One thing that you should understand is that the needles do not go deep in your skin. The actual fear that most of the people have is that they think the needle will almost pierce them. Be assured that the needle will not go deep in your skin. The needles would not pierce your skin. To be factual, the needle would only go 1/16 of an inch, deep in your skin. If you are thinking, you would bleed a lot as a result of needle piercing your skin. Well, just relax yourself. You might not bleed at all unless and until you are an alcoholic or take a medicine that acts like a blood thinner.

2. Relax, you would not bleed much

The needle moves in an up-and-down motion and it involves the ink being pressed inside a layer of the skin. Thus, you have to understand that the damage that is done to your skin is minimal and quite insignificant. When the traces of blood will appear, then the tattoo artist will instantly clean up the blood drops. Make sure that the tattoo artist does this at regular intervals. This will pacify your fear and anxiety. It is also a good idea to get a tattoo at a place where you can keep looking at the progress of the process. This would help you to overcome your fear.

3. Think about other worse experiences

One way of calming yourself is to think that there are things and activities in life that are much more painful than this activity i.e childbirth and toothaches are more troubling and painful than tattooing. You do not have to go through them, at least for the time being. comfort your self thinking, other experiences might be even more painful and can draw complexities unlike tattooing.

4. Divert you mind

If you feel you are not strong enough to look at the tattoo being done, then divert your attention. While getting the tattoo done, think of something and keep your mind away from the act of tattooing. Think of some pleasant things and happy moments of your life. Better still, carry something which you really like to read/listen/watch or which makes you really happy. It can be anything from a family photo album to your favorite novel or music CD. This will relax you and then the time will also not seem to be that long.

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