5 legendary tattoo parlors

Getting a tattoo is one of the most famous forms of decorative body modification. But more than just being visually appealing, tattoos need to be done from the right place by a right artist. We have put together a list of legendary tattoo studios where it is possible to get all unique design that too in a safe and sanitized manner. These legendary tattoo parlors are operated by some of the most talented and inspirational people of this industry.

1. Bert Grimm’s World Famous Tattoo Shop

Bertgrimm Tattoo Parlor

Starting his first tattooing in 1912 till the next 70 plus years, Bert Grimm was a legend in the tattoo world. Initially Grimm spent a season with the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show and throughout the years operated shops in Chicago, Honolulu, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Seattle, Los Angeles, Long Beach, St Louis, Portland, and Seaside Oregon, and China. He was guided by some of the famous people in the tattoo business like Domingo Gulang, Charlie Barr, Tatts Thomas, Red Gibbons, Walter Torun, Bob Shaw, Col Todd during his early years. The tattoo shop, owned by Bert, at the Nu Pike in Long Beach, CA from the 1950s to the late 1960s was the most famous during those times.

His historic tattoo shop is the oldest tattoo parlor which has been in business constantly without a close back in the USA. This shop also witnessed many sailors who came here to tattoo themselves before leaving for their sea journey.Though the Pike is no longer there, the Bert Grimm tattoo shop, located at #22 Chestnut Place, was purchased in March’ 2004 by Kari Barba and two other partners. The shop is now operational as Shaw’ Tattoo Parlor in Houston, TX which is run by the descendants of Bert Grimm’s nephew.

2. All or Nothing Tattoo

All or Nothing Tattoo Studio

Founded by award-winning artist Brandon Bond, the All or Nothing Tattoo shop is open in Atlanta, Georgia. Bond gained experience by working in different tattoo parlors in the USA and soon emerged as creating his own style by designing colorful and innovative tattoos. The world famous rappers Nas and Kellis got themselves tattooed by Bond. The shop’s website claims that StrangeHold Publications of Bond has its tattoos featured in over 500 international tattoo art publications which is indeed a successful step.

3. Lou’s Artistic Tattooing

Tattoo Lou's studio

Lauched in 1958, Tattoo Lou’s has been the pioneer in the tattoo industry for more than 50 years. Originally opened in a studio in Queen’s, NY, it moved to Long Island eventually. The shop is run by Lou Jr along with experienced, award-winning artists like Irish Jay and Erick Alayon. There are now present four locations and have 130 world famous tattoo artists and piercers. They have also been voted the “Best Tattoo Shop in New York”. All of their shops follow strict health code regulations and guidelines.Tattoo Lou’s now offers free Wi fi internet with workstations to browse tattoos online and use their patent software, “Virtual Tattoo”.

4. Gill Montie’s World Famous Tattoo Mania

Gill Montie's World Famous Tattoo Mania

Gill Montie, is now open on a street in the small town of Beaumont, TX, near the Texas-Louisiana border. Born in Traverse City, Michigan, Gill Montie grew up in the San Fernando Valley, USA, and traveled across the nation, tattooing all over the world. He is the founder of the world famous Inkslinger’s Ball and is the owner of several tattoo parlors including the famous Gill Montie’s Tattoo on Sunset Boulevard. This tattoo shop has turned to be more popular than its competitors as celebrities like Roseanne Barr, Tom Arnold, Johnny Depp, Eddy Van Halenand Liza Manelli have stepped here to tattoo themselves.

5. Lowrider Tattoo

Lowrider Tattoo Studio

It is said that you shouldn’t let your weaknesses get to you. This statement is rightly justified by Jose Lopez who, with his Lowrider Tattoo is one of the most praised tattoo artists of the United States. In spite of being a wheelchair bound, Lopez now works with four other artists in his shop and is about to open a second studio in Riverside, California. His main shop is located in Fountain Valley, California. Apart from tattooing, Lopez also creates oil paintings and is considering designing a clothing line. The website for Jose Lopez’s Lowrider Tattoo is a modest, humble tribute to its founding artist, a Mexican immigrant, who, despite being wheelchair-bound, has become one of the most lauded tattoo artists in the nation.

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