5 Tips to become a tattoo artist

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Tattoos are a rage these days. Every third person wants to get a tattoo done. That’s why the art of tattoo-making has emerged as a profitable business and a great hobby to pursue as career. The job of a tattoo artist is similar to a painter; however, the canvas here is the human skin. Tattoo-making is both an art and a craft and with time you can easily learn it and soon excel in it. In order to have a perfect hand in tattoo making, you need to practice a lot. If you are genuinely interested in the art of tattoo making and want to pursue it as a career, the following tips can provide the much needed insight. Read on to move closer to your goal.

1. Check if you have the potential

Being a tattoo artist is not a cakewalk, you have to be really good at it. You need to have some natural skills and raw talent like painting to be a good tattoo artist. A person who can not draw a straight line or color inside lines can not be a good tattoo artist. Do not be disappointed if you are terrible at drawing and painting in the starting and with time you will develop the skill and soon excel in the art of painting. Just put in your best efforts, give yourself enough time and continue practicing.

2. Hone your skills

Just being good in arts will not make you a good tattoo artist. You need to develop your skills and sharpen them. You need to exploit your talent to the fullest. You can join art classes, learn through books or seek a friend’s help. A lot of practice is essential for achieving perfection. Use your spare time for this purpose and practice as much as you can. Create your own masterpieces.

3. Build your portfolio

You will also need to prepare a portfolio for yourself. This will showcase your artistic talent. Put your best work of art inside this portfolio, as people will judge your talent on the basis of this portfolio. You can design a few tattoo designs and put them inside your portfolio. Make your portfolio neat and impressive.

4. Find apprenticeship for yourself

Under apprenticeship you will have to learn the skill of tattoo making from someone who has already mastered the art and has been practicing it for a quite some time now. Make sure that the person you wish to learn from is a reputed name and knows the craft very well. For apprenticeship, you might have to spend some dollars. But, if you are lucky enough you might get it for free. You might face some troubles in getting apprenticeship but do not be disheartened just continue putting your efforts. Learn various skills from your master like how to handle and take care of the equipment, how to operate the tattoo machine, how to prevent any disease, etc. You might take some months to learn everything you need to know.

5. Get into the market

Once you are done with your apprenticeship, you will have to get into the market and experiment on your own. You can work in some tattoo parlor or set up your own tattoo making shop. Now that you are done with apprenticeship, you still need to learn a lot as it is a never-ending process. You will learn many things yourself once you are into this profession. With every tattoo that you will make on other’s body, you will learn something.

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