3 unusual body parts to get a tattoo

3 Unusual body parts to get a tattoo

Ask any tattoo lover and they will say that no area is off limits when it comes to getting a tattoo inscribed. If you are among the lot who love having a tattoo inscribed but are still pondering over the place to have the same, here are top 3 unusual body parts to have a tattoo done.

Back of your neck

Love small tattoo designs. Back of the neck is the best location to have a small tattoo design done. A cross, star or any other symmetrical design will be most appropriate tattoo design for the back of your neck.

It will look distinct and you are sure to become a rage amongst your friends after having a tattoo design on back of your neck. Go for it and see the change.


Fingers are another unusual body parts for having a tattoo inscribed. However, a tactfully done design can work wonders making you talk of the town. A range of tattoo designs are available when it comes to having a tattoo inscribed on your fingers. You can choose from among a design that covers your entire finger or go in for a small design resembling a ring.


This would certainly be the most unusual body part to have a tattoo, but increasing number of people are going in for a tattoo design in the perineum region of the body. This is the area of skin between anus and genitals. If you wish to admire your tattoo secretly, perineum is the best place to have the same.

The region is more prominent in women as compared to men so women looking for a tattoo design in the perineum region can go in for a small tattoo design as a star.

Young people are more attuned to having tattoo inscribed on their body and with tattoo artists experimenting with new innovations, prospects seem bright for everyone in the beauty business.


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