Friendship Tattoos

Friendship Tattoos

A good way to commemorate a long lasting and meaningful friendship is to get a tattoo. Such tattoos are really popular among teens but you can get them at any age if you want to celebrate a devoted friendship. Most people wear friendship tattoos on their feet or hands. The shoulder blades and nape of the neck are also good places to sport such friendship tattoos. But if you’re really hip then think about getting one on your stomach or belly button region. Here are some cool designs which have been sorted out:


Split-up Pattern

One really unique idea is of a split up design. Check out this friendship tattoo in which each friend wears only half of the design on the hand. The design is complete only when both the friends join their hands together to unite the tattoo. The heart broken into two really shows how the two friends dote on each other. While, the roses which branch into both their hands look gorgeous. The design extending across the hand from the wrists to the forearms makes the pattern appear really catchy.

Chinese Symbols

Oriental Chinese symbols look very alluring and there are many of them dedicated to friendship. Check out the colorful Chinese symbols in this friendship tattoo. They look extremely sweet and give out an adorable vibe. Such colorful Chinese symbols look awesome on girls while the black and white designs look better on guys.

Friendship Stars

Another design that looks amazing on friends is stars. A cool thing that most people do is create innovative clusters and strings of colorful stars. In the friendship tattoo design above, the two mates have inked a mesmerizing line of stars running on the wrist. The rainbow colors make the design look damn perky. It has an enchanting aura and exudes oodles of charm.

If you can tell a lot without using words, tattoos can now be a great tool as well that can depict your love for your best friend.

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