Guitar tattoos

If you are a fan of music and a tattoo junkie as well, you should consider going for guitar tattoos. These tattoos are a rave and look really cool on the arms, back, shoulder, feet or thighs. Teeny weeny guitar tattoos on feet or inner thighs will look great on gals, while a chunky design with strums will look absolutely rocking on any guy’s arm. Here are a few guitar tattoos that you can sport:

Black and white guitar tattoo

This graphic black and white image is one heck of a head turner. It has an artsy vibe that will draw interest immediately. The brownish red undertone of the black ink makes the tattoo look intense but not at all overpowering. The design is subtle yet very interesting. This tattoo will look absolutely smashing on a guy’s arm.

Colorful guitar tattoo with music notes

This tattoo design is all about making a statement. The rainbow colors stick out and gives the wearer immense personality. Moreover, they look good with almost anything worn, no matter what color it is. This one will surely catch the attention of hard rock fans. The design will also resonate with free spirits and those who have a rebellious nature. It can be worn by guys as well as girls. In addition, it will look amazing on ‘gals’ who can carry around a funky or rock chic do with panache.

Guitar tattoo with roses

This guitar tattoo oozes out depth and intense sentiments. It has an air of love, compassion and empathy. A guitar paired with roses is an age-old design that is still considered fashionable, and there is no arguing that it looks beautiful. Although a unisex design, it will look absolutely breathtaking on a girl’s back or her belly button. Guys can get it inked on their wrists for that much coveted look.

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