10 things to think before you get tattooed

Think before you get tattoo -ed

The modern form of body art is on every enthusiast’s “to-do” at least once in life. It’s not just anchors for sailors and skulls for biker gangs anymore. Tattoos have though become extensive, but highly personalized, and thus attractive. They say, “there’s one for everyone.” But before you get under the needle, it’s must to know and understand the complications which come with these fancy colors and variant designs. We have put together 10 things you must mull over before you finally get the tattoo.

1. A tattoo is deeper than you think

A tattoo is not a fancy mark on your skin but more like a colorful wound. The ink impression is deliberately made on the dermis (the second layer below the epidermis) to make it practically permanent. Deeper the tattoo, the more vulnerable you are to infections.

2. Health issues to be aware of

Health is the first thing to be kept in mind before having a tattoo. Heart problems, thin blood and diabetes are a few of the health problems that can lead to a troubled healing of the tattoo and also imperfect pigmentation.

3. Legality of being tattooed

In the U.S and almost everywhere, the legal age of getting a tattoo is 18. Parental consent is a must for minors. The best bet is to wait till you can legally decide for yourself. Don’t rush, a tattoo will give you enough years to be bored off later.

4. Avoiding infection at any cost

A tattoo studio at all costs has to be safe. All the equipment should be sterilized and the rest disposable. The risk of being affected by serious skin infections has to be avoided. Please make sure to be only treated by a licensed practitioner. The best bet will be to drop the idea unless you really want it.

5. As painful as it bleeds

A set of needles repeatedly striking your skin is definitely painful. The level of pain differs for each individual. Majorly, it all depends upon the part of your body you decide to engrave a tattoo on, and your pain threshold. Be sure, and get ready to bleed a lit.

6. A namesake tattoo is a risky betLet not your emotions manipulate your ability to think. Naming a tattoo after your partner is something you should not think of at all. Relationships are fragile, but not a permanent tattoo. After a lot of thinking, you might be sure for yourself, but can’t be for his/her till you can read minds. And even if you could, sometimes, change is inevitable.

7. Wait till you are completely sure

A design, a pre-decided spot, some consultation, its permanent nature and a lot of thinking has to be done. Please make sure you are sure and prepared.

8. A language or design you might not correctly interpret

You definitely don’t want to be made fun of, because you misinterpreted a design or most commonly, misunderstood a foreign language. Research about the kind of tattoo you may want, but most importantly don’t forget to understand the pros and cons of being tattooed at all.

9. Never get a tattoo to fulfill a bet or a promise

Make sure you never end up having a permanent mark on your body for the sake of keeping a promise. Never get tattooed under pressure. The mark, the risk and most importantly regrets might follow you till you get a surgery or a laser treatment and make a bet, a horrible experience.

10. You bet tattoos are addictive

Getting tattooed once, the feeling of it is somewhat like getting “high”. The body releases endorphins as a defense against discomfort. That is why the feeling of getting tattooed is adventurous for some and delightful for the others. Once you have got one, be ready to crave for another.

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