Best body art ideas

Body art is a popular trend these days. It is an interesting form of expression. Every tattoo or piercing has some meaning and it is an excellent way of projecting who you are and what you stand for. Besides that it is fashionable and it certainly adds to your hotness quotient. In this article, let us peek into various body art ideas.

Body art

1. Tattoo


Tattoos have been a part of a lot of cultures. They are very mainstream in the fashion world. Time and again, we see a lot of celebrities, like Angelina Jolie, sporting assorted tattoos on their body. There are a lot of professional tattoo artists that one can approach and an infinite range of tattoos to select from. For example, you can go with a peace tattoo or a dragon one. You can even get the name of a loved one tattooed, like your boyfriend, mother, girlfriend, etc. or you can get inked some symbol or words that motivate or inspire you or show who you are. Every tattoo stands for something, therefore choose wisely. Another thing to keep in mind is where you want to get inked. It could be your arms, naval, back or even your neck. Choose the part that is exposed the most.

2. Body piercing

Body piercing

Body piercings are funky and they make you stand out. There is a lot of attractive jewelry available for it. Frankly, it hurts a lot but it is worth the pain. You can pierce your ears, lips, eyebrows, belly button, etc. If you are the experimenting type and like to go out of the way with fashion, this is the exact thing for you.

3. Mehndi


Mehndi is the application of henna on your skin. It originated in India. It is less expensive, but a temporary form of body art. It is generally applied to the palm or feet, but a lot of people opt to put it on their backs, naval, arms, etc. It is almost like a tattoo, but only temporary and less painful. It comes in various beautiful designs.

4. Body painting

Body painting is also a temporary form of body art. It can last for a few hours or a few weeks. It includes painting small portions on the body or painting the nude body entirely. Body painting has been used for various shows and PETA protests as well. A lot of celebrities have opted for it as it is a bold fashion statement.

So, these were the few popular body arts. Either you can opt for one or all of them depending on what suits you the best.

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