5 Hottest males with coolest tattoos

If men are the tougher gender, they sure don’t mind going that extra mile to imprint something permanently on their hot bods. After all, it is just a matter of little pain to get something which will make you stand out and get all the female attention. Tattoos are symbols which reflect your personality. You can get something you believe in, or a motto traced down on your body, or simply the name of your loved one. But there is definitely something about tattoos which make the men who flaunt, it irresistibly attractive. Rather than being hot, it makes a man come across as a, rather, sporty and tough one.

Though men in any profession can flaunt tattoos, it seems to be a favorite with the Hollywood movie stars and professional athletes. Check out the following collection, to drool over the men you adore, with a glimpse of their tattoos!

Johnny Depp opening

1. David Bechkam

David Beckham

Here is one celebrity who flaunts some serious ink. Being a proud father of 3 kids, the British footballer loves to flaunt them too! His kids are inked on his back and also on the inside of his biceps. The family man justifies this in his biography as a means to be connected with his kids when he is not with them. The midfielder got this inspiration from his father who himself had 3 tattoos embodied on him.

The more recent addition to his tattoo graffiti is a dense tattoo on his right arm which includes a guardian angel engulfed in flames. The tattoo took six hours to complete and had the words from a Roman poem, which when translated, means ‘Let them hate as long as they fear.’

2. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Voted one of the sexiest men alive by People magazine, the actor has only a couple of tattoos, which of course we think make him even more adorable! One of them would be the old naval cannon, which reportedly goes off at 9 PM every night in his hometown, Canada.

The other tattoo which Reynolds flaunts is on the underside of his wrist which is a hand written message that means ‘Know Thyself’. This tattoo gives us an insight into the mind of the ‘down to earth’ actor, who knows that one should always stay true to his roots.

3. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

The ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ star, who charmed us with his portrayal of a commitment phobic yet loving boyfriend has too many on his back, arms, and shoulders. The one on his biceps is similar to Pamela Anderson’s barbed wire artistry. While the actor is proud of his tattoos there are some which he regrets getting made, like the ones which he got as early as the age of 16. He believes those tattoos come in the way of his character as they are a constant reminder to the actor’s self being. This way they take him back as Ben Affleck and thereby, distracting his attention from the character he is playing. But surely they do make him irresistibly sexy for all his female fans!

4. Johny Depp

Johnny Depp

While portraying the famous ‘Jack Sparrow’ for the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, the actor’s role required him to fake a tattoo on his right forearm, which read Jack underneath a swallow over a sunset. After getting so involved with the character, the actor loved the tattoo so much that he decided to keep it permanently after the shoot was completed. He thereby dedicated the tattoo to his son, Jack. Being a part Cherokee, the actor also has a inked a Cherokee Indian Tattoo on the upper side of his right arm.

Following the suit of many tattoo enthusiasts, Depp also flaunts a modified tattoo, which he had got while engaged to actress Winona Ryder. The tattoo, which formerly read “Winona forever”, has been partially removed and modified to read “Wino forever”

To complete his tattoo graffiti, the actor has skull and crossed bones inked on his ankle which read the words “Death is Certain”. Johnny claims to be the only person who knows the exact meaning of the tattoo. The derivation which could come off it can probably be the actor’s belief in death being certain and unavoidable.

5. Colin Farell

Colin farell

Star of the films like ‘Miami Vice’ and ‘Minority Report’ , the Irish born star flaunts various ornate tattoos. Some of them are: a tattooed ring on his left arm and a heart on his left bicep. The most notable one would be a large tattoo on his right arm. Defying categorization, this design is more tribal resembling a sword with a sword fish. Probably, the actor wants to make an impact with a double edged sword!

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