10 Best floral tattoos to adorn your body

The beauty and fashion market has been flooded with myriad array of tattoos lately. From school going kids to middle-aged people, all are going gaga for this very unique trend. With all kind of designs and hues incorporated into making these tattoos, floral designs catch the fancy of all. Flowers appeal to everyone and give that ultimate sense of relaxation. Flower tattoos catch the fancy of not only women but also men. Showcased below are 10 best tattoo designs chosen according to their exclusivity, sense of appeal and popularity after immense research.

1. Flower web

Floral butterfly tattoo for back

This very elaborate tattoo depicting a Chrysanthemum flower and its many hues is an epic beauty. The tattoo shows intricate details of various butterflies ready to pounce on the luscious flower. The sketching of the petals and butterfly bodies is remarkable.

2. Floral tribal butterfly tattoo

Floral tribal butterfly tattoo

This flowery tattoo made by using techniques of tribal art is a treat for the eyes. A little butterfly sitting atop completes the picture.

3. Flowers with dermal anchor

Flowers with dermal anchor

This neat and uncomplicated design with various colors has a jewel attached to it in the center. The jewel, commonly known as dermal anchor, is a gem-screw combo.

4. Back piece flower tattoo

Back-piece flower tattoo

The highly crafted tattoo spreads across the entire back and adorns it quite well. With the use of just three colors: black, pink and yellow, this one’s a winner.

5. Cherry blossom flower tattoo

Cherry Blossom

This lingering tattoo about blossoming cherry flowers sits pretty on your leg giving it an extra dimension. This would look equally beautiful on one side of arm starting from shoulder to elbow.

6. Lotus flower tattoo

Lotus Flower tattoo

The king of flowers in its full bloom. The colorful tattoo imparts a sense of freshness. This can be done on back of neck, forearm or even on your belly button for those strong-hearted freaks.

7. Rosy skull tattoo

Rose with skull tattoo

The Gothic blend of rose flower and human skull is quite intriguing. This very unique and artistic design would look good on people with a carefree attitude.

8. Gramophone flower tattoo

Gramophone Flower tattoo

Music lovers rejoice as here’s something for you. Very creative and highly appealing, this tattoo is simply for fun.

9. Stream of flowers

Flower bunch Tattoo

For those who don’t like to experiment too much, this simple and linear design is just for you. Can be colored for an extra edge.

10. Linear flower art

Linear Flower art

The very straightforward linear design with minimal curves is surely the most complex and intricate flower pattern. Looks best in single tone. Go for it if you are a true art lover!

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