The secret behind the MS-13 tattoos revealed

Mara Salvatrucha – 13 is no doubt a growing threat in the US. ‘Mara’ is a Spanish slang for ‘gang’ and “Salvatrucha” is a blend of Salvadoran and trucha. Anyway, we’re here to do some tat talk. MS-13 gang members mark their upper body in Gothic. Apart from ‘MS – 13’ or ‘Emese’ – short for ‘Eme Ese,’ the pronunciation of MS in Spanish, that has to be there, they even mark “SUR” for sureno or “southerner”, dices, crossbones and daggers.

sThey even ink teardrops. Teardrops under their left eye represent a shot or a wounded gang member and those under right eye represent their combat with the rival gangs. The punch (above) of one of the convict shows tattoos of a club and a spade symbol over the ‘M’ and ‘S’ to hide his association with MS-13. The whole thing earlier read ‘GMSP’ across four fingers where ‘G’ and ‘P’ stood for his territory Greenspoint. MS – 13 tattoos reveal specialties of gang members; one expert in dealing with explosives had a grenade tattooed on his back. All these markings will haunt them for sure, if they somehow survive and I doubt that.

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