Janet Jackson’s secret tattoos

Pop queen Janet Jackson is reluctant to disclose the identity of the secret ‘cowboy’ who melt down her depression and made her ink her sexy bod.

Her body piercing are quite famous, embellished by the infamous wardrobe malfunction; however, she also…

Steelers fan shows skin deep love with 200-plus hours of tattoos

It doesn’t matter whether you’re soaked in sweat from head to toe under the frenzy of the ongoing game or being pricked by the needle for 200 hours or more, passion melts down the pain. Ron Vergerio bared his skin deep passion for the NFL by covering…

Bif Naked’s tattoos: In search of spirituality

Bif Naked. Who’s she?

The ‘little patchwork girl’ is the most embracingly tattooed women in rock. The amazingly inked song like tattoos of the sexy rebel represents her own enigmatic memories.

As with music the woman is dedicated to her body art…

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