Harry styles tattoo shock

Tattoos may be a great way to show off your beliefs, like you get your favorite saying etched on your hand, or the name of your beloved to show your love and the permanence of it, and for a other host of reasons, tattoos can prove to be an awesome method to subtly show off the workings of your brain behind. However, there is always a thin line on which we dwell between the dimensions of sublime and the grotesque.  Body art is art, true, but there is a certain level to which it can climb on the rungs of mercy, beyond which it just becomes art for art’s sake. So is the case for One Direction star, Harry Styles, who in a recent post of his, shot himself and his all new butterfly tattoo all over his midriff and posted it online. However, herein lies the celebrity being at the mercy of the review and the critique of his fans. What was actually an attempt to promote the cause of transgender issues, has gone sour with most viewers and other critics labeling it as “gay”!!!


What may have been a symbol for sublimity, leveling on the brim of being called a show for a good cause, has now been dubbed monstrosity. Harry Styles belongs to the English-Irish boy band, One Direction, who in a recent rise to fame has become one of the most popular boy bands ever to be created. With thousands of fans and followers, a number of Top10 Hits and chartbusters and so on, Harry may have thought that his actions were beyond criticism, that he might have the Midas’ touch. Oops!! Guess somebody made a mistake while calculating his liabilities. However, One Direction is not in the limelight over tattoo issues, for just this cause.


This is the second stint in recent times that they got the camera’s flash over body art issues. In a recent attempt to publicize their upcoming 3D movie, One Direction had announced to all fans and followers to post their One Direction tattoos on Twitter in photos, and the best would get a chance to win free tickets to the movie when it did release. However, the announcement was called off over the simple reason that the age pattern of the majority of their fans is below what is the minimum age required to get a tattoo. With Harry’s tattoo shock and their tattoo publicity stunt gone awry, looks like One Direction fell in the wrong books of Body Art God, if something like that does exist!!


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