Body art: Getting a tattoo, getting it right

Getting a tattoo is no more the deal it used to be a decade ago. In fact body art has become a favored means of self expression and a must have fashion accessory. Today, practically everyone from students, college kids, musicians and artists to white collared professionals are seen flaunting beautiful, artistic tattoos. So you’ve seen your friends and acquaintances getting theirs, it is high time you get yours.

the right place for your tattoo art

Assuming you’ve already got the perfect design in your mind, one that speaks to you and for you. There are a few things that you should consider before finalizing, read on for clarity.

1. Pain: This is a part of the package that cannot be avoided, no matter what people may say. But if you’re smart and have done research beforehand, you can get away with only slight discomfort.

2. Areas of pain: From opinions gathered over the years, it has come to be believed that the most painful areas for men include the abdomen, spine and chest. While for the ladies the ankle, the spine and the ribcage hurt by far the worst.

On the other hand certain spots don’t hurt that bad. For the guys the buttocks, arms and back are comparatively less painful than other parts. As for the ladies they’re better off getting a tattoo on their abdomen, buttocks, thigh or shoulders.

3. Demerits: A few thing you have to remember is that although body art is becoming much more acceptable in all walks of life. It’s still highly unlikely that it will be openly accepted in a professional environment especially by one’s employers or clients.

Also most people see tattoo as a reflection of your personality, opting for demonic designs or sexually explicit ones are sure to raise quite a few eyebrows.

Keep these few tips in mind and you’re good to go!

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