Does Christianity allow tattoos?

Many Christians contend with the question of tattoos. Bible is not very clear about tattooing. The passage in Leviticus is mainly related to the pagan religious rituals of the people living around the Israelite s. God desires to make his citizenry different from other cultures. The focal point here is to restrict witchcraft and heathenish worship. God commands his people against idolatrous, pagan worship. He does this to protect his people because this may take them out of the path which leads to one true God. Similarly there are instructions to not eat meat which is yet to drain blood and not to cut beard or hair in the temple. The statement does not mean exactly what it appears to be but there are Christians who do not eat kosher meat and do not cut hair. At that time these traditions were associated with pagan rites and rituals. Today things are different. Let’s know more if there are any references in Christianity about tattoos?

Christianity and tattoos

However, if one goes as per the literal meaning, the Bible says that the body of a human being is temple of holy spirits given by God. If a person is getting a tattoo done or giving pain to his/her body by any means knowingly, it is a sin. So, to respect one’s body is to respect God. It depend on you what you want to agree upon.

The crucial question here arises that, is getting a tattoo still not allowed by God today when there are no pagan threats? The answer is disputable in this context, and should be treated and analyzed by one’s own self. The apt reply to your doubt should come reflexively from “you”. In place of tapering with the question, that if tattooing is conscientiously apt for a Christian, one should ask if the act is okay for you in person. Before getting firm on the decision to get a tattoo which is pretty controversial today, it is important to look into your heart and then take any further step. You should be ready for the physical pain and the mental dilemmas involved in the process. Religion should not be biased in this process rather your mentality should be what you should be bothered about. If you believe that what you are doing does not infract your faith it should not cause a state of difficulty for you that needs to be resolved.

The procedure of getting a tattoo done is a very painful process, so you should not take a decision that would become a reason for regret in future. It is therefore very important to think well before getting a tattoo done. It can also be a little risky from health point of view. Tattooing can serve as the medium for transmission of sickness to your body when you are getting the tattoo implanted in your skin. Remember that the device used for the purpose of tattooing should be either disposable or very well sterilized. You should choose a parlor that is known and is developed or designed for the activity of tattooing.

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