Tattoo artist Dick Cherry has lasting influence

He is primarily a graphic designer and does not sport ant kind of real tattoos or body art but he designs temporary tattoos for the different characters in the movies. Dick Cherry’s amazing works can be seen in supernatural thrillers such as “Mama” and he has also done work in action movies like “The last stand”. He likes the idea of a tattoo but not on his own body. Dick Cherry said that he is not capable of keeping the same painting on the wall for a very long time so having a body art or tattoo on his body for the entire life is out of question.


Dick Cherry however considers the art of tattoo making a wonderful art form and is intrigued by the idea of creating tattoos that will look wonderful on other people and characters. Dick Cherry is the name that he is fondly known as but his real name happens to be Lee Richard Gren. Dick Cherry developed fondness for art in a very young age and it was all thanks to the G.I.Joe sketches that his mom made on the lunch bags. He adopted his artist name when he got to Los Angeles and began designing rock posters.


It was in the year 2009 when he got his big break as he was approached by his friend who was employed in Tinsley Studio to design for the next movie of Walt Disney. Tinsley Studio recognized the wonderful artist in him and offered Dick Cherry a full time job. As per Dick Cherry a tattoo is a wonderful medium to explain the qualities of a particular character. The tattoos designed by Dick Cherry suits the people just fine and they are great help when a lot of people require tattoos in a particular scene.


These tattoos look good as real when nicely applied on the skin and serve the purpose of real tattoos wherever required. Human skin is obviously much different from that of a canvas and therefore special attention have to be paid while designing the tattoos. There are many other things as well that Dick Cherry has to consider and remember while making tattoos for the movie characters. Dick Cherry is a wonderful tattoo artist and his designed tattoos sure look great on the people and no one could make out that they are not real.

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