5 Easy Ways to Find the Best Tattoo Artist

Before getting a new tattoo, getting a good artist who can turn your tattoo design into an art on your skin is the first thing to focus on. You can get all you wish to know about tattoo artists via tattoo magazines and the Internet. Tattoo conventions are also a good way to browse your options. So, here are the 5 best ways to find the best tattoo artist.

How to Get The Best Tattoo Artist

  1. Ask People With Tattoos
    Ask People
    Chances are that most tattoo-havers didn’t just go to a single artist to get the job done. They must have also gone through their fair share of research about finding the right tattoo artist. Therefore, it is best to ask someone with tattoos. Not only will they share their best experience with you but you might also learn about those you need to avoid.
  2. Attend Tattoo Conventions
    Tattoo conventions not only let you check out the best artists, but it also helps you know what is trending in the tattooing world. It is a one stop shop where you can find the most experienced as well as a few talented newcomers. You can also find the one you’re looking right here. If you’re just browsing then make sure to get business cards of all artists you fancy at the convention.
  3. Read Tattoo Magazines
    Fashion magazines have dedicated columns for tattoo artists and their works. You can even scroll various tattoo magazines to increase your knowledge about best tattoo artists. Professional tattoo artists perform all tattooing works that you’ll see in tattoo magazines. The reputation of the tattoo magazine defines what level of artists you’ll find in them.
  4. Seek Online
    Seek Online
    Most tattoo artists have an online portfolio of their work, showcasing their clients, designs, and specialties. From there, you can easily find your best tattoo artist based on their past work and specialty. You can also read reviews about them on some dedicated tattooing websites. The best places to start your tattoo artist hunt are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  5. Visit Nearby Tattoo Studios
    A good tattoo artist is not only good at designing the tattoo but necessitates to have cleanliness in his/her studio. Hygiene is the topmost concern when you’re up for getting a new tattoo. So, visit all nearby tattoo studios to check out the environment there. Most tattoo artists put their best work for exhibition in their studios, which you can check out to know the strengths of the artist you’ve visited. 


Remember to ask a tattoo artist about his work and his strengths before going on to have that tattoo inscribed on your body.

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