Things to keep in mind while getting your first tattoo

Tattoos spell style. If you are going to get inked for the first time then these are the points you have to keep in mind.


Things to keep in mind while getting your first tattoo

A tattoo is always a topic for a conversation. If someone discovers you have a tattoo, they would always want to know the story behind it, what it means ( if they are words in a foreign language ), etc.Wherever you go, you take it with you. It is forever so you have to keep certain things in mind when you are planning to get your first.

1. Are you Sure? – Getting inked is so mean job. You have to be absolutely sure of a tattoo on your body because a tattoo is permanent. Decide whether you REALLY want one. You do not want to be halfway through the process and then scream and have cold feet in between getting a tattoo done. Make a strong, steely decision and only when you are absolutely sure, go ahead with it.

2. Take it slow – Deciding to get a tattoo done involves a firm decision so take your own sweet time and do not rush into it. Many people have regretted getting the names of their lovers inked on their skin only to regret later. Settle on something which holds some meaning to you. If you are absolutely sure of what you want and have taken time to mull over it, only then it is ok to go ahead with the design. Also decide on what part of the body you want to get the tattoo and the size of it. If you are in a workplace which does not entertain tattoos, then decide on some area where the tattoo is hidden. Last thing you want your boss to do is ridicule you for getting a tattoo done.

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So as to avoid regretting later, you can skip words altogether and go for some beautiful designs that you like.

1. Find the ‘artist’ – A good tattoo can be made only by a good artist. You cannot afford to go cheap on your first tattoo. Make some effort to do a lot of research regarding the person who will be the right man/woman for the job. ALWAYS check out their portfolio. It will give you a better idea as to what work they have done earlier, what sort of designs are their specialty, etc. A lot of tattoo artists have Facebook pages but then an up and running website, which has the artist’s work in detail is always better. NEVER let your friends or associates try making a tattoo on you, ESPECIALLY your first. It might seem exciting at that time but if anything goes wrong, you will have it on your body forever to look at every single day.

2. Pay a visit to the parlour – Once you have decided on the right man for the job, pay him a visit at the parlour and check out the place. Sure, a person might be all goody-goody on the site, that’s what he paid for, but you’d want to meet him once. You do not want a jumpy and edgy artist making a tattoo on your body! You might have to pay some amount , which is usually non-refundable to make the visit but then it’s totally worth it.

3. Talk it out – Discuss elaborately with your artist what it is exactly that you want and if it will look as good on your skin as in your mind. Talk about every detail, size, etc. Your artist will have a better judgment in this case. If you do not have any particular thing on you mind but just want to get one done, you can ask the artist to make one and show it to you or show you his previous samples. Also it is not possible for every artist to be able to make every design. Sometimes, a design might need a lot of complex work to be done. Make sure the artist can give the design justice. There have been disastrous incidents where a tattoo of a special person has the least resemblance to the actual individual.

4. Prepare – Once you have decided on the design, artist and the place where you want to get the tattoo done, you have to prepare yourself. Tattoos can be painful depending on where you want to get it done. Some areas hurt more than the others. So use your judgment and brace yourself for the pain.

5. Stock up – A freshly made tattoo takes a long time to heal. You also have to keep it constantly hydrated for the first few weeks. Stock up on provisions beforehand as you will need immediate care. You might want to consult a few people on which products to use. Even your tattoo artist will be a good person to talk to. You can purchase most of such items from any drugstore. A tattoo needs a lot of attention so prepare yourself to make that effort.

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