A cure for skin cancer and disfiguring facial sores- tattoo machines

When mentioning about tattoos and health issues under the same topic, the first thing that comes to our mind is the harmful infectious diseases like HIV and Hep C that get transferred by the dirty needles used for tattooing. But a new Canadian study might help us to change the image; it says that tattoo machines can be used to improve skin conditions.


Now, these may sound bizarre that tattooing machines actually has some health benefits. The new Canadian study says that tattoo needles can be used to penetrate deep enough to deliver proper drugs for cells to combat the adverse skin conditions, yet not affecting the sensitive nerves.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis is a parasite that leaves millions across the globe with disfiguring and mentally devastating facial sores. Well the research that is already published found evidences that usage of tattoo machines could improve the treatment against such parasites. The researcher also adds that the technology could also be applied for the treatment of psoriasis, skin cancer and other such diseases.


Anny Fortin the one behind the research is a biochemist and did the job from McGill University says that, “We were extremely excited, very surprised [at the success of the experiment], if you think about it, it’s logical that it works.… But we were amazed.”

The research was tested on animals like mice and pigs before trying it on humans. Jude Uzonna, a professor of immunology at the University of Manitoba, and leishmaniasis expert says, “Still, the unexpected idea seems promising”. He further adds, “This is actually very innovative.

It’s not something that many people would think of, but that’s how stuff gets discovered; if this is effective … it would be very, very encouraging and ground-breaking.”


Leishmaniasis affects an estimate 1.5 million lives yearly. Other treatments for transporting the drug into the lesion are extremely painful compared to this. Drugs are used instead of ink in the tattoo machines to deposit it below the sore surface, targeting the Leishmaniasis cells.

It could also be possible that the heat generated from the tattooing machine helps the immune cells to attack the pathogens, says Prof. Uzonna.


A very progressive research it seems. Hoping that things will work out properly and the disease can be combated through this method.

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