10 Really cool nail art designs

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If you are bored of the monotony of the typecast nail enamels and wish plunge into the bandwagon of eye alluring nail arts, options are many. Your manicured fingers and well clipped nails will get the most coveted makeover by virtue of these nail arts. But you need to have some amount of creativity in you and the artistic sense to visualize your nails as your canvas for creating masterpiece. But do not worry at all in case you run short of ideas. We are here to help you with a handful of nail art ideas. Glance through them and select your hot pick that sets perfect unison with your taste and personality. Just remember to get hold of good quality nail color and sterilized manicure equipments, so that your passion does not take you to the doctor’s clinic!

1. Sculpted nails with pastel flowers

nail art 1

This nail art is marked for sharply contrasting look by virtue of its soft appeal and piercing edges. You can call it a modern innovation of the timelessly popular French manicure. Naked nails have been filed into a piercing precision. While the base coat is kept nude to give the hands feminine softness, the tips have been decorated with purple and silver shimmers to reflect glitz and glam of this nail art. A three petal pale pink flower in each of the nails stands for womanly innocence.

2. Multicolored nails

nail art 2

The beauty of this nail art is in the multitude of designs you can see in each of the nails, making the hand an artist’s canvas! The uniformity of the nail art is retained by its square edges, which have been achieved by filing them uniformly. Harmony in design is also attained by means of utilization of the same color palette for each of the nails. The five different designs in each of the nails create visual interest you cannot overlook due to their uniqueness. We suggest it as a great nail art to flaunt for a cocktail party.

3. Feminine flora

nail art 3

If you still believe that the squoval nails with girlish nail enamels perennially remain at the top of your heart, here we bring one such nail art for you but with an artistic twist. Once you take a closer look at it you will find that it has never done much experiment with its contour. The blush pink base coat is also quite a common color among womenfolk. So, the twist in the tale is the white oriental floral motif on top that has been further embellished with shimmery stone stickers. This nail art is apt for any celebration.

4. Monochrome palette

nail art 4

Favorite in the fashion sphere, the black nail enamel has been given a dramatic makeover here. We are definite the models will love to flaunt this nail art on the ramp. The nail art has never meddled with the traditional contour of the long nails. So, you can see that squoval shape is predominant in this nail art. The climax is achieved by bold lines of white over the black coat.

5. Mix and match

nail art 5

Your eternal love for French manicure will get a party makeover this time with this glamorous nail art. So, the characteristic features of French manicure, such as a nude base coat and square tips are found in this nail art too. But glamor quotient in the design is achieved by the incorporation of shimmery mauve colored nail color on the tips. A further touch of excellence is achieved by creating black animal skin detailing on top. It is perhaps needless to say that you will set the stage on fire wherever you go with this nail art on!

6. Colorful geometry

nail art 6

This geometric nail art comes sixth on our list due to its variegated shades that work together in setting up a holiday mood. Pastel shades have been wisely chosen, so that your nails never look too gaudy and whorish. Keeping parity with the colored square blocks, the nails have also been filed in such a way that the edges look perfectly flat. While the major part of the nail bears nude color, the rest portion has a black base. Colorful squares have been created on top of it. The intelligent juxtaposition of colors has made the design more prominent.

7. Blue flora on extra long nails

nail art 7

You need to grow your nails really long to get this nail art done! Never forget you need to maintain them that long as well. Or else artificial nails are always handy for you. Keeping half the nails nude, you need to paint the rest half blue. This will be your canvas. Now, floral motifs need to be painted on top. Golden highlights and stone embellishments act as glamor elements

8. Purple dew drops

nail art 7

This party nail art is sure to make you a look like a diva in a cocktail party. But you need to have the right attire as well to match with the sensuous nail art. The silver base coat has been matched perfectly with purple colored accents. You will surely love the 3D effect of these purple accents that look as tainted dew drops.

9. Floral sensation

nail art 9

We found this nail art as the coolest option for stylistas with short nails. Instead of getting too experimental with the shape of the nails that artist chose to keep it oval. Pale pink was selected as the base color so that it does not concentrate our attention on the short length of the nails. The final climax was achieved by creating simple sketches of flowers with black and white color. A glittering stone at the center of each flower made the nails look stunning.

10. The palm beach

nail art 10

We give hats off to the artist, who created a panoramic palm beach on as small a canvas as a nail! But the experimentation on color palette and the shape of the nails are minimal, so that the intricacy of the design does not get deteriorated. You need to have a really skillful hand to create scenery on your nail!

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