10 Really cool pregnant belly paintings

painted baby bump

Motherhood is the time of celebration. Women find different ways to welcome their babies into this world. But these women did something else. They got their pregnant belly painted, which made them out of the lot. The most astonishing part of these pregnant belly paintings is that either each of these would-be-mothers have got something to convey or their baby bump is their personal canvas to reflect their taste. Scroll down further to find the variety of artistic creations these mothers reflected by means of their pregnant belly inking.

1. Basket ball belly

Belly painting 1

This momma-to-be must be a basket ball freak. It seems that she eats basket ball, breathes basket ball and sleeps basket ball. The nine months of seclusion from the court might be really tormenting for this sportswoman mom. Thus, she found it wisest to get her baby bump painted like that of a basket ball. We are confused if pregnancy is much coveted for her or her alienation from basket ball ground more painful!

2. Fruit basket belly

Belly painting 2

We know that eating healthy is the most vital thing one should do during pregnancy. But we do not know what made this mother get her baby bump painted like a fresh fruit basket. Is she extremely forgetful and often forgets eating fruits everyday or it is her silent protest against someone so that she is not deprived from eating healthy during this highly sensitive phase? We do not know the exact reason, but the concept appeared weird to us.

3. Pumpkin belly

Belly painting 3

We know pumpkins are great aids during pregnancy. They comprise of loads of nutrients that are extremely beneficial for the neonate growing in the womb as well as the carrying mother. But that never means that this momma will make her baby bump look like a sizeable pumpkin! But we cannot help praising the artist, whose brush strokes were so natural that anybody will mistake this baby bump with a real pumpkin!

4. The baby

belly painting 4

This mother might be too eager to see her baby before nine months. But alas! Everything is not within our control. Therefore, she chose to get her baby bump painted in such a way that she could virtually see her baby growing inside her womb. The idea and the mother’s eagerness might be quite understandable, but the concept of creating a see through baby bump is something we found ridiculous.

5. Jigsaw puzzle bump

belly painting 5

This momma is going to go places with her parenting techniques. Look how she has morphed her baby bump into a jigsaw puzzle. It is indeed a great effort from the momma to be able to gift her baby a game board as soon as he/she hits the earth. Most importantly, the baby will never have to run here and there to find something to play with. Unfortunately, momma dearest failed to realize this jigsaw puzzle is not at all playable. The baby to be born will remain perennially frustrated for not being able to solve the same!

6. Little princess belly

belly painting 6

In the world of increasing female foeticide, we cannot help praising this pregnant lady for wishing with all her heart that she gives birth to a little daughter. This woman is definitely an exception among the masses who wish to have a baby boy at any cost. Thus, her pregnant belly has been inked with the replica of a female neonate. She deserves a standing ovation for this! We are even more overwhelmed to see how she has adorned her virtual baby girl with a bejeweled crown and jewelry to impart the feeling that her daughter will be her much loved little empress.

7. Good night belly

belly painting 7

This mother is well aware that her baby birth will soon be followed by months of sleepless nights for her. What is the most amusing part of this is that she looks helpless and eager to find a way that would induce sleep to her new born baby. Thus, she found it best to get her pregnant belly painted in the form of the wee hour of the night, with a sky filled with glittering stars and a smiling crescent. We are amused with this new age lullaby, but we are a bit skeptical about its efficiency in making the baby sleep.

8. Olympic mascot belly

belly painting 8

Now, this pregnant belly painting explains why China is regarded as a sporting nation. This mother-to-be got the face of one of the official mascots of Beijing Olympics 2005 painted on her belly! What can be more authentic proof that sports remain in the warmest nook of the heart of the Chinese population? We can very well apprehend that the baby to be born will also be a born sports maniac. We can apprehend one more thing as well. This lady is keeping her fingers crossed for a baby girl. The selection of the girl faced mascot explains it clearly.

9. Jungle king belly

belly painting 9

This pregnant belly painting is undoubtedly the best as far as its artistic perspective is concerned. We bet you will never be able to make out whether it is a masterpiece oil painting done on a canvas or a simple body painting on the baby bump. This is actually an award winning creation of the artist, Goodwin. The shading, intricate detailing and portrayal of a ferocious glance is sure to raise goose bumps all over the skin of the baby to be born when he commits nuisance and his mother frightens him with this tiger.

10. Henna belly

belly painting 10

Henna, or the natural reddish tone of the pounded Mehendi leaves is often associated with the good in some of the Eastern countries. So, while henna designs are done on the feet and palms during celebrations, why will the baby bump be exempted from it? Therefore, this woman perhaps voted for the Henna motif to decorate her pregnant belly in order to celebrate the coming of her neonate. We must admit that the skillful hands of the henna artist are really creative.

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