Be the talk of the town through some bizarre body modifications

Body modification is the process of conscious altering of the human body for reasons not related to medical injuries. These reasons could vary from person to person to fulfill their own whims and fancies like showcasing a particular religious, to reflect association with a specific group or passion for body art and many such more reasons.

Body Modification

Body modifications could include body piercing, pearling, scrotal implants, tattooing, tongue splitting, corset piercing and more such alterations. Body modification can also be referred as artificial beautification of a body as per one’s own wish. However, some extreme body alterations are seldom regarded as symptoms of mental illnesses or body dysmorphic syndrome. Read on to find out about some scary body modifications that people let their bodies sail through.

1. Eyeball Tattoo

Toronto Man

Eyeball tattooing is about injecting a pigment into the cornea of an eye. Eyeball tattooing has been in existence since the 19th century. It has been a method to correct disorders like corneal scarring and leucomas. These days it is not so common as colored contact lenses are effective in covering such defects. Corneal tattooing is generally used by medical practitioners for patients with eye injuries and not for body modification. A person from Toronto has been a man with guts to inject 40 injections of blue ink in his cornea to get an eyeball tattoo. Simply, he has changed the white of his eyes to blue.

2. Subdermal implants

Subdermal Implants

Taking a shape of an unusually shaped tumor, subdermal implants function to augment another part of the body, like the skin. It is an establishment of an object below the dermis. A glorified spatula is used to hollow out your flesh, usually made from Teflon or silicone where the implant is then placed. One can choose any shape for that bulge to appear like tumor. This body mod literally, gets under your skin! Lately, Lady Gaga’s red carpet arrival at the Grammy has put a spotlight on the subdermal implants. She made an egg entrance at the Grammy award to take everyone for a shock.

3. Corset piercings

Corset Piercing

This body mod includes a series of surface piercings arranged up at the back in two perpendicular columns. This symmetrical piercing is a rage amongst girls and the latest trend in body modifications. With people’s interest growing in body alterations, lot of people are opting for a temporary corset piercing for that spiced look at a big event.

4. Branding


To make your toes curl, let us tell you that human branding is the most painful of all body alteration modes! It results in a permanent scar or mark, in a shape of a specific symbol. For this incredible look, an iron piece is heated to the extent that when applied to your body, which is also rated as a third degree burn, thereby damaging the nerve completely. It erases the entire dermis layer of the skin. The skin then takes years to fill the areas which have been completely destroyed in this act of body mod. And it takes about six to twelve months to completely heal a brand.

5. Body tattoo


Getting inked is one of the most common body modifications. You can opt for various looks via this body art. Body tattoos convey your mind’s perception and reflects your state of mind, that can’t be argued with. Inking has been a part of our culture since ages. Tattoo is a public statement of who and what we are. Here you can see Rick, the guy who has opted for a zombie look. He has curved into a Zombie via body tattoo. Shelling over $4,075 Canadian Dollars, he is a celebrity all over on the virtual world now! Although, people often perceive him as mentally sick when they have a glimpse of his zombie look.

6. Body suspension

Body Suspension

This method of body alteration involves hanging a human body from hooks. These hooks are generally put through body piercings. This delicate process is experienced by people to create an adrenaline rush or conquer one’s fears. Fakir Musafar is known to have experimented with his own body to try various body alterations like body piercing and suspension. He has also appeared in prime time video shows like CBS’s People Are Talking, Dicovery Channel’s Beyond Bizzare and more. He has also appeared in the movie ‘Modify’.

7. Magnetic implants


Used in dentistry and reconstructive surgery, inclusion of magnetic implants in the body mod industry is a recent update. Under this technique, magnetic implants are planted under the skin to permit outside skin to sense electromagnetic fields. You could then run a show to let eye balls turn around to see how metals get stuck to your body. Ain’t that crazy?

8. Tongue bifurcation


Tongue bifurcation is the latest buzz in the body modification industry. This involves splitting the tongue into two directly down the center. Once cut into two, you can move your tongue, both sides, independently. Not many countries allow tongue bifurcation.

9. Pointy ears

Pointy ears

Once you get this body art done, it gives you an appearance of a mythological creature. Dr. Lajos, a plastic surgeon from New York, gave invention to this surgical procedure. Along with augmenting the attractiveness of the face, pointed ears also improve your experience of listening to music. You can enjoy foot tapping numbers and dance to the tune of your favorite music, after completion of this body art. Under this technique, post operative care is very crucial to avoid any complications. The final shape usually takes about three to four weeks. It involves the dissection of the upper ear lobes.

10. 3D Art Implant

3D implants

These implants came into existence in the early 90’s. First of such implants were experiments by Enigma. Under this method an object is inserted completely beneath the layer of the skin. This creates sculptural change to the end surface. Steve Haworth has his hands behind the popularity of this body art. In general, silicone is used for such implants. Its side effects could include irritation of the skin above the implant in case of any form of mishandling during the procedure. These 3D implants can be stretched and pulled until the final size is achieved.

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