Body Art Accessories Guide

Where to get the best ear piercing jewelry?

After months of time taken to make up my mind finally I am decided to get my ear pierced. But now when I have my mind made up I am really confused what jewelry I should wear after I get my ear pierced. I am really confused between rings, studs, or pearls

Can somebody help me with some designer tongue rings?

I am considering getting my tongue pierced this weekend; however, I am getting quite nervous, as I am not sure how it would feel. Although, I did get my belly pierced some time ago, and luckily it worked fine for me! Nonetheless, I am fascinated with gett

Can someone advice me some good ear ring designs?

Hi guys, finally I got my left ear pierced this Friday. For now I have a gold ring put in it as advised by friends to avoid any infections in it by any other metal. But now it has been almost a week and now I want to have a good and latest designed ear ri

Where can I find cartilage earrings online?

Which are the best online websites to get cartilage earrings? I have to buy them within about a month’s time. My twin and I are having a birthday celebration in about a month’s time. I have thought of getting the earrings, she got her cartilage pierce

How much does anybody need to spend for a plug?

How much do I need to spend to buy the plug? I am a 36yr old man and I want to buy a plug for myself. Which ones would recommend to me that will make me look younger than my age? If I buy it at the ebay then how much I may have to shell out their at there

How much the plugs might cost me on the ebay?

I want to buy the new tattooed kingpin plugs. Can you suggest the best deals for me and how to avail them? I am considering the ebay,how much the plugs might cost me on the ebay? Do they have them in the first place? What are your suggestions? What should

Does lip piercing really hurt?

Can somebody please tell me if it hurts to get your lip pierced? My aunt thought I had a lip piercing and she wants to get my lip rings. She is coming into town in about a week. I still have time to think of what I want to do? Should I go ahead and get it

Where can one get some low cost belly rings?

I am a resident of New Hampshire. Are there any stores over here where I can buy the latest stone studded belly rings? Can you provide me with the phone numbers of the stores so that at least I can inquire about the directions and the availability? And al

What is a body candy?

What is a body candy? I read about it in the magazine and have grown extremely curious to know everything about it. Will you tell me what it is and why is it gaining popularity every passing day? Are there any magazines that I can buy from a regular store

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