Areas safest to get inked on

Your health is the main thing that you should be concerned about, when getting a tattoo, make sure you go to a good place that knows what they are doing. Tattoos are an investment and if they get damaged or infected, you will have to pay even more to get your skin back to the way it was.

The safest areas to get a tattoo done can mean two things- by safe areas, people could be referring to the least painful place to get a tattoo or they cold also be referring to the a place that will enable them to conceal the tattoo if need be.

Painful areas:

Any area of your body that is sensitive like the centre of your back, the neck, armpits or stomach. These areas are filled with nerve endings that can make the tattooing process and agonizing one. Consult your tattoo artist before getting the tattoo, in order to reduce the pain; you may have to go to many sittings before the tattoo is complete. Certain areas that have high impact, like your inner palm, the bottom or the top of you feet will also hurt after getting tattoo as a lot of friction is placed in these areas. Any other part of your body that has then skin, less fat or muscle mass will also be very painful.

Visibility factor:

Tattoos may look cool but they are not considered as appropriate for many work places and may affect your job hunting efforts. A small tiny butterfly on your wrist may be fine as you can cover it up with concealer when needed, but a big dragon tattoo or tribal markings on your face and neck isn’t. If your work place is strict about tattoos, you may have to think about the right places that can later be covered up. This will depend on how you normally dress the length of your hair, certain tattoos can be hidden in a pant-suit attire but not in an evening gown or vice versa-this depends on where the tattoos is. If you are getting a tattoo on the back of your neck, make sure that your hair is long enough to cover it. Your torso and shoulders are areas that will be mostly concealed by formal attire, so these are the ideal areas to get tattoos.

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