Top mistakes during tattoo after care

Taking care of your tattoo is essential to ensure that it gets into the designs that you want and to prevent it form getting infected and leaving marks on your body. Usually the tattoo artist will give you certain instructions that you have to stick with and if you encounter nay problems you should speak to them first.

This is mostly because different techniques and inks using in tattooing will respond differently to the healing process, this is why it is so important to go to a tattoo artist who has certain experience in handling different tattoo techniques.  Certain principles have to be adhere to especially if you have got a tattoo for the first time, so what ever is the situations, it is important that your tattoo heals well.

The healing process differs from one person to the next, do no expose your tattoo to sunlight till it has completely healed, as sunlight can damage the tattoo while it is still in the process of healing, after it has healed make sure that you apply sun screen lotion on it to keep the colors bright,

Stay out of pools for two to four weeks after getting a tattoo and use luke warm water to wash the tattoo while changing bandages. After getting the tattoo, a bandage is applied immediately after and this should only be removed after six hours, follow the advice of the artist, ask how long you should keep the tattoo on for. Your bandage will probably get stuck, so remove it under running luke warm water so that you don’t damage your skin or tattoo, wash the tattoo using mild soaps meant for babies and then pat dry.

Your tattoo artist will recommend how often you should wash and moisturize the tattoo, they also feel that tattoos that are well moisturized will not lead to cracking and tearing of the skin. They also recommend using non scented products that will not clog the skin pores and that tattoos that are handled too frequently will not heal well.

While the tattoo is healing wear, loose and comfortable clothing so that oxygen can work with your immune system to sped up the healing process. Scabs will form and being to peel off, so do not pick at them. Give your tattoo another week to heal before showing it off.

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