Five designs in tattoos to avoid

Today youngsters love the idea of getting a tattoo, but little do they know what the tattoo they get done actually means. While some simply get a tattoo done due to peer pressure others are bad judges of what would make a good design. A tattoo once impregnated into the skin is bound to last a life time, unless of course one opts for laser removal which can be both expensive and painful.


To avoid the pain of having to go into tattoo removal later, here is a guide on what are the tattoos one should steer clear of.

Connect the dots– While some teenagers think this is cool, who would actually connect the dots to see what the tattoo means. Do not get a tattoo with dots and numbers to connect. It just doesn’t make sense and does look rather lame than cool.


Chinese symbols- If you are not Chinese and do not know how to read the language, it makes no sense to imprint Chinese symbols or letters. Also, it is important that the tattoo artist knows Chinese lest you have a tattoo that reads egg, instead of love or peace!


Cute cartoons– You may be a softie at heart, but you do not want to sport sponge bob square pants on your arms. You will stick out like a sore thumb. Cute as they may look they are best on the Tele and not on your body.


Food- A plate of sumptuous salad looks best on the table and enjoyed best while being eaten. Unless your recipe means or symbolizes something out of the ordinary, do not make yourself a laughing stock by getting food, vegetables or fruits tattooed anywhere on the body.


Shhh on your finger!- Just because Rihanna has a shhhh on her finger does not mean so should you. Tattoos on the fingers begin to fade, as we use our hands most. While Rihanna can afford to visit a tattoo parlor every other week, not many can. You rather get a tiny tattoo done on your arm where it shows than words inscribed on your finger that are bound to become zilch with time.

Do not hurry into getting a tattoo that a celebrity has, instead go creative and think out of the box. Find a tattoo design that you relate to. Not everyone can afford a laser removal and tattoos are generally taken to the grave. Hence make a wise and informed decision about the tattoo you will flaunt for life.


So you have decided to get your first tattoo and are excited! Now it is time to find a design that complements your personality. Steer clear from cleeshayed tattoos that make you look like twerp!

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