Tips to maintain your tattoo

Getting a tattoo done is only 50% of the whole job. The rest of it lies in how you maintain the tattoo and take care of it. 178524897 Tips to maintain your tattoo

  • A fresh tattoo – With the right treatment a freshly made tattoo heals within a week. However, you have to make some effort to keep it in the right condition. Remove the bandage five hours after you get the tattoo done and if the gauze sticks to your skin, remove it very slowly and carefully using some water. Be careful to do it very slowly so as not to get any bruise or wound.
  • Washing – Wash the area with soap and  warm water using only your fingers and nothing else . After you are done, pat dry gently.
  • Apply ointment – Use Bacitracin or a Vitamin A or D ointment on the tattoo. A limited amount will suffice. Your tattoo is like a freshly made wound so you have to take care that bacteria does not breed on it. IF you do not moisturize well, again it might lead to drying and cracking of the skin.
  • Regular cleaning – You have to regularly clean the area four to five times a day for the first week until the wound heals.


  • Avoid water– …But only during the first week when you are undergoing the healing process. Do not soak, submerge in water and take your baths carefully . Not doing this may lead the tattoo being discolored or getting an infection.
  • Avoid tight clothing – Let some oxygen speed up the healing process and do not wear tight restrictive clothing around that area for it to happen. Tight clothing may also result in growth of bacteria.
  • Avoid exposure to sun – This may lead to the tattoo losing color. Apply sunscreen after the initial healing week every time you step out.
  • Scabs – Formation of scabs is normal so avoid peeling off or scratching them. It is just another part of the healing process. Do not panic at the loss of color which you might observe has taken place. It is temporary and will return.
  • Other things to keep in mind – The key to a tattoo’s long life is moisturizing and maintaining optimum oxygen levels around the tattoo area. Use ice-packs in case of swelling. In case you experience any reactions because of any reason, consult your tattoo artist or a medical practitioner.

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