Beautiful tattoo designs worth flaunting

A tattoo is a way of expressing the love for things you believe in, your life, your philosophy and your personal style. When you have such a tattoo, it only makes sense that you would want to flaunt it.


Beautiful tattoo designs worth flaunting

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  • Butterfly tattoo – This is an increasingly popular tattoo especially among the fairer sex. The butterfly symbolizes the never-ceasing desire of mankind to break the shackles and outspread their wings. Butterflies represent femininity , beauty , elegance and poise It is a timeless piece of art and one that you will not regret even many years later which is a factor to be taken care of when getting a tattoo in the first place.You can get a tattoo of a butterfly anywhere on your body according to your wish but when you want to flaunt it, the shoulders or the back make the best areas to do it.


  • Sun – You can go versatile with the tattoo of the Sun on your body. There are just so many variations ranging from Celtic to tribal. The Sun is the source of all energy in our universe. It is the center and the most powerful. When you get a tattoo of the Sun on your body, it means you are a warm, confident man or woman who wants to shine and make their mark on the world. The best part is, it can be donned by both men and women. Add in your own personal style and variations to it. A tattoo of the Sun would be a good idea to flaunt and the body parts where you should ideally get it done is the back of your neck or the shoulders. Always remember to choose the body area carefully. A small design on the back of your neck, for example, is always much better than a bulky design.


  • Moon – A moon can symbolize a calm, sensuous and dreamy person who is on a journey to search eternal love. It is very popular among women nowadays. There are so many designs and varieties to choose from when it comes to the moon.  You can also add in stars and fairies to accessorize the ‘star’ of the body art. A crescent moon is the best choice as there is so much room to get the creative juices flowing in you. It would definitely be worth a flaunt.

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