Top tattoo designs for Football fans

If you are a diehard football lover and you want to express your love towards football with no words uttered, you may go for the designer tattoos for the same. The tattoos are found to be very trendy in modern days as they are pretty attractive and captivating. If you are the fan of an individual player, you can go for tattoo with the design of the name or image of the player. You can design an impression of a football as your tattoo or you can go for the logos of your favorite teams or clubs.

Let us discuss few tattoo designs for the football fans.

  • Football Tattoo

If you are an impartial football lover and you love only the game but do not support any specific team, player or club, you should get the impression of a football tattooed on your skin. It will easily display your unconditional love towards the game.


  • Football Helmets Tattoo

If you want to live with your passion, you can create the designs of the accessories used in playing football. The most popular among these accessories are the goal keeper helmets. The helmet can be designed in a very colorful and attractive way.


  • Player Tattoo

If you really admire a player and want the whole world know about your feelings toward the player, you should try designing the impression of a football player as a tattoo. You need to visit a good tattoo artist for the same as it would require a huge space on your body to be designed.

  • Logo Tattoo

All the football clubs participating in football tournaments have their own logos. If your favorite player is the part of a particular team or club, you may go forward getting the tattoo of the logo of that team your favorite player plays for. If you have your personal choices of teams or clubs, you should take their logo with you to show your support to them.

  • Duplicate Tattoo

If you are a huge fan of the tattoo drawn on the body of your favorite football player, you may long for the tattoo. So better get it done on the same area where your favorite star holds it.

  • Small Tattoos

If you are looking for a girly tattoo, you can go for the tiny and cute football tattoos. They can be easily crafted on any visible part of your body. As big tattoos do not suit girls, the small tattoos would serve the purpose of showing your love towards football and football players.

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