Things to know about tattoo touchups and revamp

Tattoos are prone to get maimed or faded gradually due to exposure to sunlight and other factors. So, if you wish to retain the magic or go for a revamping, here are some factors to take note of.


Trade new for the old

Gone are the days when revamping tattoos meant mere modifications made on the existing tattoo designs and ideas. Today, tattoo connoisseurs can go for lending their previous tattoos with a whole new meaning and demeanor.


No pain, no gain

You may have to make up your mind to bear the pain while doing the touch-up work which might seem more excruciating than what you felt when you were undergoing the original tattoo job. This is because a touch-up work embraces bringing in more modern or innovative designs on the previous tattoo while splashing them to additional colors. It is always best to go for the artist whom you know or who had done the tattoo in the first place to avoid being declined as there are many designers who would not agree to do a touch-up on designs made by some other artist.

Reiterating what was mentioned earlier, since your artist will be taking up lesser time on a specific area, it might be difficult for you to adjust to the needle’s prickling pain as you generally get used to when getting a tattoo done for the first time. Hence, it is perfectly normal to feel more pain so do not get overwhelmed by it.


The artist

Also, when you are getting a tattoo touched up, your tattoo artist’s experience is very important. When considering a tattoo revamping job, it is also important to look into your artist’s experience and credentials. A tattooed skin responds differently to pigments than the portions where there are no blemishes or tattoos done. Hence, a good artist ought to sufficient expertise to gauge the best possible method of revamping and suggest you on the same for lending the existing tattoos with a touch of brightness and vibrancy. You should also have clear goals as to what your final tattoo should achieve post the touch-up.

Do you wish to go for a different design altogether giving the artist the liberty to pour his creativity and innovative ideas above the existing tattoo? Or would you rather have the same tattoo that you covet so much given a magical touch immaculately brought back to what it originally looked like? Being clear about your tattoo goals will help you choose your artist accordingly, either going for a new one who will prefer putting his own ideas or opting for the older one to recreate his magic once more.

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