5 Facts about smoking in tattoo studios

Smoking in studios

Smoking is injurious to health. Both active and passive smokers are affected by the smoke. Tattoo studios need to hold a high quality standard to assure the customers about the high level of safety and hygiene. Under such conditions, is making space for a smoking zone acceptable? While smoking might be of help to active smokers in easing out their anxiety but the passive smokers can be negatively affected by the same. Smoking in tattoo studios is a debatable issue. Listed here are a few facts about smoking in tattoo studios.

1. New cleaner and sterile studios

Gone are those olden days when tattooing studios were dark and dirty. Cleanliness and sterility are considered as some very important issues in modern tattoo studios. These days, you can find no difference between a doctor’s office and a tattoo clinic. In fact some studios look neater than a physicians office. Tattoo artists are following strict rules regarding procedures of sterility, disposing off hazardous materials in the right way, autoclaving procedures, using sterile disposable needles. But all these sterility measures will be disturbed with cigarette smoke. So, please do not smoke in a studio.

2. Special rooms for smoking

One cannot quit smoking suddenly. As it is a habit for some people and a measure to get off pain for others, the person would want to smoke during a tattoo. In such cases, you cannot say no. So, let people enjoy the smoke in special rooms like rest rooms or waiting rooms. But make sure that it does not enter the place where tattooing is done. However, the chemicals in the cigarette smoke adhere to the body and they might cause some problem. So, the answer to the question whether to smoke in a studio is again a big NO.

3. Maintaining standards of high range

Modern tattoo studios are known for their high standards of quality maintenance. But, then some artists allow their clients to smoke as it eases them of the anxiety that is caused during tattooing. However, it can cause some problems. In a place where there are open wounds and probability of blood born pathogens is high smoking should be avoided.

4. What studio owners should do?

If a client insists on smoking then at least the artist should advise him on smoking in designated rooms. You can also advise them to smoke outside the building. If it is not possible then at least ask the client to smoke in designated room and stay away from the door so that the smoke does not come inside the studio. Also, please use some quality air freshener to purify air and let some fresh ventilation. If the client complains on your strict rules, it is better not to have him inside because he is not just jeopardizing his health but others too.

5. A smoker’s advice

My answer to the question “can one smoke in a studio” is “no”. Smoking in confined spaces as it can spoil others’ health but if others have to smoke and cause a problem for others then you can always show them way outside.

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