5 Most common tattoo symbols

Tattooing is a popular body art trend. A tattoo design should be chosen cautiously. Tattoos can reflect your personality and thus the tattoo symbols should be selected after a lot of thought. Each tattoo symbols reflect a particular message. Listed here are the 5 most common tattoo symbols, people usually go for.

1. Star tattoo

Star is considered as a symbol of courage, trust, and reality and represents the view of heavenly flash within each of us. Star is the most popular Tattoo design in the world and lot of star designs are available. They are single big 5 point star, single big 6 point star, cluster of small 5 point stars, a star within a star, single star with decor or falling star and lots more. People choose based on their taste. Mostly drawn on chest, hip and shoulders.

2.Tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos are oldest designs of tattoo, which are from the people who lived in amazon, Africa and Pacific. Most famous are Maori, Polynesian, moi, zulu, yasgua and goes on. Nowadays tattoo artists are not completely drawing the designs of Indigenous peoples, they are drawing a blend of Modern art with old designs of tribal people. After star more people are going for this designs, since each design will be unique and it will be fiery. Also these designs will take too much time and a large area. Many celebrities are choosing tribal tattoos to show case their beauty. This tattoo will be drawn all over the body.

3. Cross tattoo

This is one of the earliest form of Tattoo design which represents Father and Mother Life. Cross is considered as a symbol of trust, conviction, unity and sacrifice. Since it is a symbol of Christianity, mostly Christians only go for this tattoo to show their spirituality, so it ranks third. Also lot of cross forms are there, single cross, plain cross, decorated cross, cross with Jesus most popular cross form, cross with wings, cross with fire and lots more. Mostly they will draw in back and in shoulders.

4. Strength tattoo

These tattoos come with some written wordings. These are also like tribal tattoos, very big ones with words. Mostly to show their strength, courage and love, people go for this tattoo. Mostly the wordings used are the names of god, children, name of their wife or their hero. It is also known as Men tattoos since men only use this tattoo in large amount than women. Mostly the design will include wings, chain, heart, fire, ferocious symbols, ring and lot more with Words.

5. Angel tattoo

Angel is considered as a symbol of divinity, trust and goddess of heaven and good. So it is mostly drawn to protect from any evil sources. Design will have an angel with wings and sword in hand. Angel tattoo is considered to be the most beautiful tattoo of all designs.

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