7 Easy ways to reduce tattoo pain

Tattoo pain can vary according to the placement of tattoo. There are some body parts that are more vulnerable to tattoo pain than others. Tattoo pain can be taken care of with arming yourself with a few precautionary measures and proper aftercare. Listed here are a few easy ways of reducing tattoo pain.

1. Medications

Take some non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also called NSAIDS or a pain killer like ibuprofen an hour before you go to get a tattoo. It will reduce the level of pain than you can normally get after taking these pain killers. Avoid taking drugs that make you drowsy.

2. Food

Take food that is very high in protein, which will raise your energy level and help you in tolerating pain.

3. Avoid alcohol

Do not drink alcohol before you get a tattoo as this causes a vasodialation and you might end up bleeding more than normal while getting a tattoo and it only causes more pain.

4. Have lots of water

This shall keep you hydrated and reduce your pain. In fact, you should raise your body water levels 2 days prior so that you stay hydrated.The process of tattooing can cause a lot of heat production and you might faint as you will evaporate lot of water from the body. So, to avoid this take some 5-6 liters of water everyday and also keep a bottle of water beside you so that you can sip in every now and then.

5. Relax in between, do some breathing exercises

As tattooing is painful and can take a lot of time, just ask your artist to give you a small break during which you can do some breathe in and breathe out exercise.It helps you relax a bit and reduce the pain.

6.Take a break

Having a continuous session of tattooing can be very painful. So, ask your artist to give you a short break. Lie down for a while or just relax in a long sitting posture that can ease you a bit.

7. Divert your attention

This a big trick to bear the pain. If you keep concentrating on the tattoo, it might cause you more pain; so, just ease up things by listening to your favorite music or eat some chocolate which releases feel good hormones or watch TV or simply talk to your girlfriend or surf on the net if possible.

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