How safe is it to have pets in tattoo shops

Man and Dog

Pet owners love their animals more than anything. To them, their four legged friends are their constant companion, they will bring them out anywhere. Unfortunately, certain establishments prohibit the entry of pets. In places where the rule is uncertain, should you allow your pet to accompany you? How safe is it to bring a pet or pets into a tattoo parlour?

A tattoo parlor is no safe place for a pet, regardless of how well-behaved and groomed. Your pet has received its regular shots and is free from fleas and ticks, it does not lessen the danger you are putting him in or future customers of the parlour.

Animals are unhygienic

Fur is not sanitary, and animals shed constantly. Would you think of giving your pet a full bath before you take him along? Really scrub him down and clean every part of him. It makes no difference. Your pet will pick up germs on the walk or in the car either on the pads of his paws or it will cling to his fur. He might need to release his bowels in the middle of the journey. Maybe sniff garbage or scratch himself. Pets such as cats and dogs often lick their private parts or give themselves a bath when forced to remain sedentary. All these actions can play a part in contaminating the parlour area. The same is true for caged animals whenever they fidget or disrupt their bedding, which is tainted with their waste. Caged Birds behave no better, whenever they fluff their feathers; they release germs into the atmosphere. Animals are carriers of harmful pathogens and their presence can badly compromise the health and safety standard of the parlour. In a place where open wounds are commonplace, it is hazardous to allow any kind contamination. This is the reason Doctor’s offices advise you to keep your pets at home, last thing they want is to be liable for the spread of illnesses.

Animal behaviour

You spend so much time with your animals you become aware of their behaviour and can identify their moods. Nevertheless, you still cannot predict how they are going to react in a parlour. The new, metallic surroundings could frighten them. The strange noises could provoke them to make noises of their own, which will be very distracting to the tattoo artist. The artist may make a mistake or injure you if your mellow dog suddenly starts barking and growling in the middle of a session. You even have to be cautious of the smells inhabiting a tattoo parlour as the sharp scents might irritate your animals’ nose.

The possibility exists that your pet may feel threatened or imagine you are being threatened by some perceived gesture, it is very likely he could attack the tattoo artist. It doesn’t matter what the artist did, you will be held responsible for any damages or injury caused by your pet.


Finally, learn about the law of your State. Certain states already have laws in place banning the establishment from allowing anything that poses a safety or health risk.

The law might not be in place where you stay, but you have to listen to common sense , animals don’t belong in a tattoo parlour unless they are the ones getting the tattoo.


There are a few exceptions where it is alright to allow your pet to accompany you to the tattoo parlor.

No fur

If your pet is of the hairless kind, it is fine to take them with you. Since no germs can attach to the fur and there is no fur loss to litter the area, your pet is relatively cleaner.


Get a muzzle for your dog or cat so it cannot cause a disturbance while the artist is doing his job. Moreover, it will difficult for your pet to bite or destroy anything in the studio with the mouth guard in place.


Your pet should be very obedient to the commands you give him. Not all dogs are trained so well that they can behave when ordered. Your pet should obey when you tell him to be quiet and sit still. He should not move a muscle or do any rash act that could interfere with the tattooing process.


Covering the cages of birds and pets are a good way of ensuing peace and quiet with no incidences. Some animals are comforted by the dark and will not be intimidated by the sights and sounds.


The reasons to avoid bringing your pet along when you get a tattoo far outweigh the benefits of having your friendly animal nearby. The risk of catching an infection is too high. In my opinion, you should be more concerned about maintaining a safe environment while you are getting a tattoo rather than worried about your animal. May you have a pleasant tattooing experience with or without your animal!

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