Do you know what is the best accessory to show off this summer in 2017? It is the Body Piercing trend. The combination of piercing and tattoos has taken the world by storm. Here is the body piercing trends to look out for in 2017:  


    It seems to be the latest trend in body piercing.It has currently the most momentum as of now. The advantage of getting a daith piercing is that it not only is a pain reliever but it also simultaneously beautifies your looks therefore making it a stone which kills two birds with one shot. Brian Keith Thompson said that daith piercing tops the 2017 list of body piercing trends. It feels incredibly cool and fresh and it’s less prone to bumping and jostling. Many people found that daith piercing is very good at healing pain.
    A tragus and a daith are the current favorite combination among the youngsters.
  • CONSTELLATION PIERCING:If you are looking for something that is small and can be used in clusters then, helix piercings and lobes in groupings of 2-3-4 could be your personal favorite. Keith moreover also told that although constellation piercings hit the arena a few years back it is still a very big hit. It is ranked as second on the 2017 list of body piercing trends. 
  • FORWARD HELIX:Image Source :

    This piercing is also popular these days. It looks incredibly good when paired with just lobe and outer helix. It is easy and looks lovely on your body. 
  • NIPPLE PIERCING:NIPPLE-PIERCINGBeing kinky is something one is not proud of but yet everyone wants it from the inside. People now understand that though nipple piercing is very painful but it is also something one can be proud of.
  • NOSTRIL STUDS:If you see someone wearing a nostril stud in a professional environment, don’t think they are crazy. A stud in the nostril looks cool and extravagant. It may seem new but it is the latest trend in body piercing.
  • NAVEL PIERCING:NAVEL-PIERCINGNavel piercing is something trending in both Bollywood and Tollywood. It is a type of body piercing trend to look out for in 2017. Many actresses flaunted navel piercing in their item songs. This has made it a popular accessory.
  • JEWELERY PIERCING:Although piercing itself is something to be very proud of but adding a little jewelry to your piercing makes you look even more confident and happy.

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