4 reasons to avoid DIY piercing

DIY piercing

Body piercing is a rage these days, especially in the age group of 16-24 years. Gone are the days when a glittering coloured stud looked cool on the nose, people have not spared any body part when it comes to piercing. Well, the trend is cool but attempting to do it yourself is not. While the thought of piercing your own body may seem fun and exciting, you should know that the task of piercing requires knowledge, else it can spell disaster. Agreed, that lots of books and online guides are available to run you through the process but the real deal is not so easy. Here are some pointers why you should not try piercing yourself, without prior experience.

1. A complicated task

You cannot count branding, piercing and body modification as DIY projects. Piercing a body part can be as complicated as a surgery. It is the same reason why you go to a professional for stitching and root canalling! The problem is the mind set in few teens who consider it an easy and cool job. But the fact is that it is far more complicated than what it looks.

Body piercing has become a fashion statement today. In the past and even today in some households ear piercing is done by the lady with the help of a pin and cork or needle and thread. But uneven holes and infection is very common in such cases. Body piercing involves a lot of risks and danger as some parts are pierced near important nerves and arteries. Improper way of body piercing can lead to massive disaster and can even get fatal. Think twice before taking this risk!

2. Proper piercing knowledge

If you are following the trend of do it yourself, then you should understand that before attempting body piercing you should have proper knowledge about it. You must know clearly about the body parts and related arteries and nerves and how to avoid hitting them. Knowledge of proper and safe equipment is also very important. Piercing should always be done with a sterilized needle. And most importantly your experience matters a lot. A professional can do this job rather quickly and with less pain as they understand the details. Lots of piercing kits are available in the market but it is not at all recommended to try one at home. Wrong piercing can lead to major bleeding and can damage a nerve permanently.

3. Maturity levels

Cases where teens ended up in hospitals as a result of piercing their own body has been commonly reported everywhere. Many teens land themselves in this messy situation just for the fun of it. According to the medical practitioners, piercing is not at all a simple job and teens should never try their hands at it. Most of the teens experience painful infection due to this uneven piercing. In addition, there are many unlicensed body piercing artists operating right now who can create havoc with your body. So research well before choosing one for yourself.

4. Mental strength to do it yourself

After going through the involved risks, if you are still willing to do your own piercing then there are certain instructions that you need to follow. Try to gather as much information as you can about the area you plan to pierce. You should have a thorough knowledge about it to avoid complications. Learn how to sterilize your equipment that you are going to use for piercing. Sterilize everything before you start piercing. Tile flooring will be good as you might experience bleeding. Set you mind on how to do it and also stay ready for a messy situation. Doing it yourself involves a lot of pain and time. So if you want to avoid both, then consider going to a professional.

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