5 World famous tattoo parlors

Famous Tattoo Parlors

Tattoo imprints on body are no longer considered as a new trend in the fashion world today. This desire, once looked upon as an asset to only celebrities has now spread to even common people. Many of us tattoo ourselves and depict our fashionable side. However, certain things need to be taken care of before indulging yourself into tattooing. One of them is a safe and infection free technique. Ensure to do some research; best would be to visit reputed parlors of tattoo, which have made their mark in this field by their innovations and careful methods. The only concern would be your budget, but who said fashion and style comes for free. Here is a list of famous tattoo parlors across the globe.

1. Horiyoshi III

This parlor gained a well deserving recognition by becoming best tattoo parlor in 2005, credited by Time Magazine’s Best of Asia affairs. You can get the thrill of your lifetime if you opt for this parlor. Your tattoo would be a great and traditional design by the renowned tattoo artist like Yoshitsugu Muramatsu, who works in Horiyoshi III parlor located in Yokohama, Japan. The artist impresses his customers with great and unique traditional designs like Koi, Tenyo (she-angels), peonies. You can even go for your own creative design.

2. Tattoo peter

Amsterdam’s renowned tattoo parlor Tattoo peter is the favorite place for tattoo lovers. Eddy Wertwijn owns this historic shop, and he dedicates his designs to Pier de Haan, the man who founded the tattoo parlor after moving out from the Navy in the year 1940s. Though there are other tattoo parlors who give tribute to the Pier de Haan by doing great design of tattoo, Tattoo Peter beats them all.

3. Triple 7 tattoos

Tommie 777, the native of Holland, is popular in Argentina, Amsterdam, Brazil, Germany, and Great Britain for his great and unique tattoo artistry. In present times, Tommie graces other tattoo parlors as a guest and giving them tips, according to the website of Triple 7. This parlor is located in Ahaus, Germany near to the German-Netherlands border.

4. The Tat Shack

Planning to visit Malta in your next holiday and also wishing to have tattoo? Then Tat Shack can be the best place for you; adding value to your vacation. You can get your tattoo design from an international award winning artist Deano and Ghiller.

5. Kustom Tattoo

Famous and most professional tattoo parlor in the the Avenue de la Republique, which is also acknowledged by the publication like Tatouage and Tattoo magazine. While Paris is no longer considered the European center for the artists and vagrants, this parlor still fades this myth.

Now plan your vacation to one of these places and mark it forever by a famous and unique tattoo.

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