Body piercing: New fashion mantra

Long gone are the days when people only pierced ear and nose. Body piercing has gained tremendous popularity among people from different lifestyles, with reasons varying from piercing for self expression, for aesthetic value to piercing for sexual pleasure.piercing

Today, body piercing and body jewelry has become the new fashion mantra. Apart from making a statement, it paves way for individuals to express themselves and sport a classy look that help define their individuality. Due to the use of specialized tools developed for piercing along with sanitary procedures and careful aftercare, the risks involved have decreased immensely and hence the growing craze. Precisely, body piercing is a la mode.

There are a number of attractive body piercing jewelries that have made its foray into the business and still counting!

Available in varying shapes and sizes, body piercing jewelries are available for various body parts from the earlobe to the nipple and navel and extending downward to genital regions. In addition, toe nail piercings ain’t uncommon these days. Piercings at the earlobe seem to be passe. The new trend seems to be the tragus rings. The ring is sexy with gems of any color studded to it.

Pearl studded ball closure rings are simple yet trendy. They can be worn on eyebrows, lip or a collection of them on the chin. Of late, sporting ball closure rings on fingernails is in vogue as well. Glass body jewelries are preferred to the metal ones as the former is light weight, easy to clean and easy to take care of.

Glass jewelry are gaining popularity due to an array of styles that it brings to the forefront like glass zebra plug, nerve twist, glass headhunter, etc. Collection of various organic earplugs and tunnels made of a wide assortment of materials that include Buffalo horns and bones, assortment of exotic woods and different types of shells and zirconia stones promises one of the wackiest of body piercing styles.

Barbells are very voguish. Straight barbells are commonly pierced on the tongue and nipples while the circular barbells are punctured in navel. Surface bars are sewn into the body through areas, which are not concave or convex like Corset piercing, nape piercing, wrist piercing, etc.

Labret studs were essentially designed for labret, i.e., below the lower lip and above chin but they are also appropriate for tongue and conch piercings.

Hence, it is evident that there is a wide assortment of body piercing jewelries to choose from. Thus, instead of being dazed by the plethora of options one should choose the one that suits his/her attitude and defines him in the most exclusive way.

Therefore, all you fashionistas pick the trendiest one out and flaunt it. And also, don’t forget to wear your attitude!

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